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Global Warming Burning Up The West?


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Clueless Easterner Says The West Is Burning Up

http://www.salon.com/ I’ve lived most of my life in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The world’s tallest Aspen groves are in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains of New Mexico, where I worked as a wilderness ranger. Those groves formed from massive … Continue reading

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Clinton Says He Is Pushing Weiner

Bill Clinton has also taken a direct role in pushing Weiner. The former president has reportedly been “livid” about Weiner’s behaviour, despite Clinton’s own history of sexual peccadilloes. http://www.guardian.co.uk/

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Lake Powell Water Level Highest For The Date Since 2002

http://lakepowell.water-data.com/index2.php?as_of=1964-06-15 Water is flowing into the lake at a record rate, so it is quite likely that by July the water level will be back up near a historic maximum. This is in spite of the fact that they are … Continue reading

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Nobel Peace Prize Winner Likes Bombing People


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Lake Powell Will Soon Be “Dry As Bones”


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Lake Powell To Run Dry


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Record Inflow Into Lake Powell

http://lakepowell.water-data.com/index2.php?as_of=1964-06-14 June is the peak month for snowmelt, and 2011 is breaking all the records. Three of the last four years have been well above average.

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Green Found In Greenland!

http://www.arctic.io/observations/ Suspended glacial silt in the water preferentially refracts green light. The rest of Greenland is covered with white snow and ice.  

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US Temperatures Plummeting

http://vortex.nsstc.uah.edu/data/msu/t2lt/uahncdc.lt Since 1998, US temperatures have been dropping at a rate of more than 4ÂșC per century.    

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