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Tim Wirth – Truth Is Lies And Lies Are Truth

This is the comrade who sabotaged the air conditioner when Hansen testified in 1988. Former Senator Timothy Wirth, representing the Clinton-Gore administration as undersecretary of state for global affairs, stated that public concern about global warming could be used to … Continue reading

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UN’s Dr. Evil

Earth Summit chairman Maurice Strong left no doubt about where to place blame for global problems, stating in the conference report: “It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class…involving high meat intake, consumption of … Continue reading

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Chicago Police Chief Wants To Know Why Sarah Palin Isn’t A Cop In Newark

McCarthy told parishioners an anecdote about a brutal night of killings in Newark, N.J., where he was previously head of the police department. McCarthy said that after he got home that night, he turn on the TV to relax, and … Continue reading

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One Of The Weirdest Things I Ever Did

Around 1981, I ran all the way across the Southern Rockies – mostly at night – by myself. It was about 60 miles up and down between 11,000 feet and 7,000 feet. There was a full moon, but clouds darkened … Continue reading

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US Taxes Are 27% Of GDP

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_tax_revenue_as_percentage_of_GDP At the time of the Revolutionary War, the king was taxing the US at 12% of GDP.

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To Protect And To Serve

Bicyclist seriously injured after being hit by Fort Collins police car A Fort Collins police officer responding to a call struck and injured a bicyclist with his patrol car in the intersection of Elizabeth and Remington streets early this morning, police said. Thomas Wagner, 21, … Continue reading

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Texas Honors America’s $14 Trillion Debt And 9% Unemployment


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Willie Nelson Weighs In

Note the YouTube URL for this video. Someone at Google has a sense of humour.

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Think Progress : If You Put Holes In The Earth, It Bleeds


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1960 : Communism/Floods/Drought/Pestilence Killed Millions In China

Our green friends hope to bring the same joy to the west! http://news.google.com/newspapers

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