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John Edwards : Global Warming A “Great Moral Test”

updated 11/3/2007 NEW ORLEANS — Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards on Saturday called reversing global warming a “great moral test” and said the next president needs to stand up to industries resisting change. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/ http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2011/06/john-edwards-mug-shots.html

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Intellectuals Discuss Sarah

She is so dumb. Yea everybody knows that. And really scary. Yes very scary, she wants all of us to die in the rapture. Definitely, she is dumber and scarier than Bush. She wants to force everyone to be Christian. … Continue reading

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North Pole To Be Ice Free Three Years Ago

Human history began 5,000 years ago for warmists and creationists. Friday, 27 June 2008 It seems unthinkable, but for the first time in human history, ice is on course to disappear entirely from the North Pole this year. The disappearance … Continue reading

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POTUS Reminds Us That The World Revolves Around Himself

Truly a man of the common people.

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Sea Level Outside Hansen’s Office

Sea level rise rates in Manhattan (red lines) have been constant since CO2 was 290 ppm. It will take well over a thousand years for the West Side Highway to drown. Facts are not important though. Hansen imagines ice sheets … Continue reading

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Nobel Prize Winning Sex Poodle Just Wanted To Save The Planet

You gotta love the role models of the global warming movement. A Portland massage therapist gave local police a detailed statement last year alleging that former Vice President Al Gore groped her, kissed her and made unwanted sexual advances during … Continue reading

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Greenland Reaches Full Summer Bloom


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Romm Wants To Protect Children By Ruining Their Summer And Driving Them Insane With His Seemingly Endless Neuroses


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Greenland is Green Again

http://www.andreassen.gl/andreassen/webcam.htm Rising temperatures in Greenland are resulting in an unexpected occurrence, growth. Greenland is a country the size of Europe, yet it has only 51 farms (all of them sheep farms except for one with 22 cows) and 9 forests, … Continue reading

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Late Ice Break-Up Forecast For Barrow

Cool cloudy weather is forecast for Barrow the next two weeks, and the University of Alaska is forecasting a late break-up of the ice. In 2004, the ice was gone by June 18. http://seaice.alaska.edu/gi/observatories/barrow_breakup

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