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Driest Year On Record In New Mexico


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Video From A Slurry Bomber

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Massive Amounts Of Smoke In Los Alamos

Video taken right after the fire started. http://www.arctic.io/

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Los Alamos Being Evacuated

A large fire is burning on Los Alamos National Labs property and the city is under mandatory evacuation orders. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE!                                                          June 27, 2011   1:45 p.m. Los Alamos, NM – Los Alamos County officials are reporting the fire is … Continue reading

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Who Is Commiting The Violence?

The Supreme Court threw out a California law today banning violent video games sales to minors. I was at E3 in LA two weeks ago, which is the big video game conference of the year. Lots of violent video games … Continue reading

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Barber 2009 : “Multiyear ice is effectively gone”

David Barber, Canada’s Research Chair in Arctic System Science at the University of Manitoba, said the ice was melting at an extraordinarily fast rate. “We are almost out of multiyear sea ice in the northern hemisphere,” he said in a … Continue reading

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NYT 2000 : “never before been seen by humans”

The North Pole is melting. The thick ice that has for ages covered the Arctic Ocean at the pole has turned to water, recent visitors there reported yesterday. At least for the time being, an ice-free patch of ocean about … Continue reading

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GISS Not Keeping Up

Since 1960, CO2 has been increasing exponentially (red dots.) GISS is looking a bit flaccid however, and hasn’t shown any warming for the past decade.

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John Cook Thinks He Can Directly Measure The Climate System

 There is no mystery or guesswork about the cause of recent global warming – it can be directly measured. Satellites observe less radiation escaping to space at those exact wavelengths that carbon dioxide absorbs radiation. Less heat escaping to space … Continue reading

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LA Is Occupied Territory

By Bill Plaschke June 25, 2011, 10:15 p.m. It was imperfectly odd. It was strangely unsettling. It was uniquely American. On a balmy early Saturday summer evening, the U.S soccer team played for a prestigious championship in a U.S. stadium … Continue reading

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