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Germans Put The Berlin Wall Back Up

“Tear down this wall!” was the challenge from United States President Ronald Reagan to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to destroy the Berlin Wall. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tear_down_this_wall! The communists changed their color from red – to green. The great transformation will require that … Continue reading

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Statistical Midgets

Tornadoes are not unheard of in Massachusetts, or in the Capital Region. Federal weather records listed on Tornadohistoryproject.com, show that prior to the Springfield tornado, there had been more than 150 recorded tornadoes in the Bay State since 1953, which … Continue reading

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Should Heidi Cullen Be De-Certified?

Events like droughts, wildfires, heat waves and heavy downpours get my short answer. We know they are going to become more frequent, more intense, and last longer. In fact, we can already see this playing out in historical data. – … Continue reading

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Obama Reversed The Decline In Sea Ice

Prior to the election of Barack Obama, Arctic ice was in a free fall. Leading experts had forecast that the ice would be gone by 2008, 2011, 2013, and even 1960. http://arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/IMAGES/seaice.anomaly.arctic.png After Obama was elected, the sea ice made … Continue reading

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Garnaut Express Great Optimism About His Ability To Destroy Australia’s Economy

Garnaut brings hard facts to the table IN contrast to the tone of most of the debate in Australia, Ross Garnaut projects a great optimism about the world’s commitment to tackle global warming. At 4C, “we would be in unknown … Continue reading

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“But Mommy, The Beach Is Still There”

Alarmists can only lie about sea level for so long ….  

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Sarah Palin Is So Ignorant

Why can’t she be smart like Obama and raise the national debt by 50% in three years? Why can’t she get unemployment up to 10%? Why can’t she bow and apologize and talk unconditionally to foreign despots? Why can’t she … Continue reading

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John Cook Explains That Anyone Who Tells The Truth Is A Denier

How to tell a climate science denier from a genuine skeptic For example, let’s look at the question of whether global warming is happening. Do you acknowledge sea level rise, a key indicator of a warming planet, tripling over the … Continue reading

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Obama Heals The Climate

No hurricanes have struck the US since Obama became president, temperatures and sea level have dropped, and we have had record snow. Reservoirs are filling up – and all of the damage Bush did to the climate has been healed. … Continue reading

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River’s Rising

The Poudre is up several feet from yesterday. The island which the deer were on is submerged. I don’t know what happened to them. Today Yesterday Snowpack is 300% of normal, so it is likely to get much higher over … Continue reading

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