Supreme Court Gives The EPA Thumbs Up To Destroy The US Economy

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court has blocked a federal lawsuit by states and conservation groups trying to force cuts in greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

The court said Monday that the authority to seek reductions in emissions rests with the Environmental Protection Agency, not the courts. The ruling was 8-0.

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14 Responses to Supreme Court Gives The EPA Thumbs Up To Destroy The US Economy

  1. suyts says:

    Unimaginable. They are unanimously allowing the EPA to move entirely out of its purview, and give our economy the “final sound of grace”.

  2. DERise says:

    It should be dawing on the congress critters, even the D-types, that they are becomming less and less relevent. If they don’t act to reign in out of control agencies and curb the power of the Executive, the Legistlative branch will be a worthless rubber stamp and elections will be as consequential as American Idol.

    • suyts says:

      Yes, it is the ideologues that allow this to happen. As long as the executive branch is pursuing something they deem worthwhile, that won’t say anything regardless of the checks and balances that get circumvented.

      Remember all of the wailing and moaning of “Bush’s” illegal war? He, at least, consulted congress. And was consistent with the precedent prescribed by George Washington. Obama didn’t even do that, and not a peep out of the media or the left. Same with the Patriot Act and all the stuff that goes with it. …….. which is distasteful to me, but I’m not sure what the proper answer would be, but it is odd there is suddenly no discussion about it, in spite of the fact that Barry O. hasn’t reascended any of it.

  3. Latitude says:

    Woops, there went their funding……

    • suyts says:

      If congress had any sense, that’s exactly what would happen.

      • NikFromNYC says:

        Congress has perfect sense, given that recent elections large and small have come so close to 50/50 as to amount to a mere few hundred votes amongst millions!

  4. Dave N says:

    Since the court has decided that the EPA can make its own rules, the states should now make their own rules about emissions . The states can quote this case as the precedent, since the court has acknowledged they themselves have no authority.

  5. Sundance says:

    Steve you might find this interesting. Green activist fronts funded by European NGOs are working hard to prevent the West from becoming independent from Arab oil. Even Ahmadinejad is a Greenie now.

    • DERise says:

      The Saudis have had years to make the west totally dependant on arab oil. They did a dam good job of it too. They spent a lot of money on a lot of crooked politicans (man that was redundant) to prevent Development here and push exploration and development in the middle east. We have the technology to become independent of middle eastern sources if we had the balls to develop it. No one has the guts to really set forth a coherent energy policy that will allow the full development of existing technologies and resources to allow us to become independent.

  6. PhilJourdan says:

    The court is partially right. The authority rests with congress – but they will never do a thing about it.

  7. Andy WeissDC says:

    Supreme Stench on the Supreme Bench.

  8. mohatdebos says:

    I think people should read what the case was about and what the Supreme Court ruling means before dumping on the Court. The Court essentially ruled that Congress had given the EPA the authority to regulate harmful emissions and, therefore, states and NGOs (no growth organizations) could not sue emitters under “public nuisance” laws. In making this decision, the Court sided with electric utilities and against states that wanted to regulate carbon emissions by utilities. Now one can debate whether EPA will use sound science in developing its regulations, but the Court’s decision is infinitely better than allowing trial lawyers to bring hundreds of law suits against legitimite, job creating businesses.

  9. RVDL says:


    Obama: We are 5 days from FUNDAMENTALly transforming America

    Barack Obama Admits: Energy Prices Will Skyrocket Under Cap And Trade

    YES WE CAN (go to hell)

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