1000 Days

It has now been 1000 days since any hurricane hit the US, the longest spell since before the Civil War.


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  1. Lance says:

    watch out, there are some showers going on northeast of cuba! /sarc off

  2. Lance says:

    Onto a serious note, hopefully any big hurricanes will miss the USA or for that matter, any country, to avoid possible deaths or loss of homes/property. Not for adding to the 1000 days, but for the simple protection of people.

  3. Mike Davis says:

    There is a dark cloud headed for Latitudes location and I believe they named it Adrian. If the winds get over 20MPH and blow leaves off trees we will have out first CAT 5 storm of the season. If the storms refuse to upgrade to fit the requirements then the requirements need to be adjusted to fit the predictions! This year will be worse than predicted. I see a CAT 6 hurricane forming just west of Knoxville. 😉

    • Latitude says:

      That stupid cloud has been sitting off Havana for over a week, we need rain.
      That piece of s… high sitting in the gulf is keeping a boundary right over us and won’t let it come north…..

      Kids play in Cat 1-2’s, we have squall lines that strong. No one can feel the difference between a 2 and 3, but you keep you eye on a 3 cause it can jump up to a 4-5 at the last minute.

  4. Andy WeissDC says:

    A friend and I had a bright idea to chase Hurricane Hugo to Charleston, SC back in 1989. When we left DC, it was a category 2. By the time we got there, it was a category 4. It seemed odd that we were the only ones coming into Charleston while everyone else was leaving. My friend wanted to turn around. I talked him out of it.

    We were in sturdy 6 story hotel, most of the windows were blown in and there were huge chunks of concrete in the parking lot which where somehow torn loose from the building. I thought I had parked my car in a protected place, but it still had two side windows blown in and as well as the back window.

    We were in the eye for over a half hour. We went out and discovered the car damage at that point, but there was little we could do to protect the inside of the car from the back side of the storm. As you might imagine, the ride home was not a lot of fun. The Interstate was closed, but we went on it anyhow, having to literally go around thousands of fallen trees.

    The thing that sticks out in my mind is seeing fairly large trees bent over so far that their tops were almost touching the ground. Also the sound of the wind (like loud thunder) and rocks hitting our 4th floor window.

    Not the brightest thing to do, but it was quite an adventure.

  5. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    Global warming scientists said hurricanes would increase from ‘global warming’. Al Gore’s movie said so too. They are wrong. Global warming predictions are wrong so many times. Why does anyone believe in global warming?

    • P.J. says:

      “Why does anyone believe in global warming?”

      It is easier to continue believing a lie than it is to face up to the truth.

    • Latitude says:

      “Why does anyone believe in global warming?”

      Because, unfortunately, there’s always been a certain amount of people that believe “world ends at 10, film at 11″…
      ….it’s been that way for all time

  6. Jimbo says:

    The heavy F3-F5 tornadoes in the USA have also been going down during the warming spell.

  7. Earthling says:

    Well that’s pretty much rules out the possibility that hurricanes are linked to glowbull warming, climate change or glowbull climate disruption, but there’s a long list of other items left to rule out.
    Tornadoes have also been ruled out, so far, although correlation is still being sought.
    The frozen jet-stream hasn’t yet been linked either.
    Flood, wildfire, drought and crop failure are still struggling to stay on the list, but the main thing that sceptics are unable to disprove, are the wild predictions of future catastrophe made by Hansen and Co., that will take more time, probably a few decades, just around the time when climate scientists realise that the only big future problem is a cooling world.

  8. JohnOfEnfield says:

    Thank you Obamessiah.

  9. Global Warming aka Climate Change is not science, it is a mutatated offspring of left wing political theory and eco-greenie neopaganism. It is a pathetic thing which can only slouch about mouthing false pieties and drooling lies. It is rather like the beastie from outer space in the film “The Blob”; and like that creature only one thing will kill it – cold.

  10. iheartagw says:

    Actually, this factoid will be offered as yet another piece of evidence “proving” climate change. They all know well that surface temperatures have been in relative decline of late. Hence the necessary change to the “climate change/disruption” aliases. But just you wait. When this wretched cooling trend is finally over, temperatures and hurricanes will “necessarily skyrocket”, And we shall all happily pay for elevated electric rates to erect more electric pinwheels, install thousands more blue mirrors, and pump liquid CO2 into the earth.

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