People Starving In Greenland From Too Much Ice And Snow

While the media, government and scientists continue to report that Greenland is melting, people are starving because of too much ice, snow and cold.

Svend Erik Hendriksen from Greenland sent this over.

h/t to Marc Morano

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11 Responses to People Starving In Greenland From Too Much Ice And Snow

  1. What’s wrong with those children, can’t they eat elephant meat?

  2. suyts says:

    They should just grow gardens like the vikings did………

  3. Mike Davis says:

    I thought those people liked the icy conditions and are afraid of warming! WTF are the complaining about. They should learn how to live a sustainable life under the conditions they chose to live in or STFU about some climate fantasy that lurks in the forever future.
    The only type of conferences they should be holding in locations such as that are ones praying for regional warming!

    • Dagmar says:

      Hello Mike
      Where did you heard that “those people” liked the icy condition?
      “Thise people” do not live like hundred years ago, they are still adjusting there life stile, european stile, with day job and everything. If you never been there, you have no idea how the conditions are. And who are you to say what conferences should be there?

  4. Lance says:

    Look at all those solar panels generating ‘clean’ energy with that clear blue sky

  5. Erik says:

    “According to Director of Pilersuisoq Fred Olsen, the problem is that winter this year has been unusually long.

    – The winter has shifted due to climate change. It is impossible to guard against. We are not masters of the weather, he said.”

    Pilersuisoqs explanation does not hold water, says the local people. For it is not only this year that missing supplies.
    – In all the five years I’ve been here, the shop is run out of anything. One year it was toilet paper, which say the least, was unfortunate, “says headmaster Jørn Holbech.

    The state-owned retail chain insists that the situation this year is special. (in native danish)

    • Mike Davis says:

      The guy got it backwards. Climate is changing due to variations in long term weather patterns. They should look to history for a reference such as the Viking period in that region. Without modern technology the region would not be fit for human habitation.
      Every year is “Special”! 😉

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