Unadjusted Envisat Sea Level Data Since 2004


Sea level is about 2mm higher than it was seven years ago. It will only take 3,500 years to achieve 1 metre of rise, or 17,500 years to reach Hansen’s five metres this century forecast.

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8 Responses to Unadjusted Envisat Sea Level Data Since 2004

  1. omnologos says:

    the keyword is “unadjusted”

  2. pascvaks says:

    The “waves” ARE getting higher.

    PS: I think Hansen was born ahead of his time, about 117,500 years ahead of his time. Maybe after the next Glacial Cycle, during the next Inter-Glacial, he just might be right for a day or two. Today he sounds like a cracked, scratched, warped, old broken record. I’m sorry, what is it that American Taxpayers are paying him and GISS to do? I keep forgetting.

  3. alf says:

    So when the data is adjusted, what is it adjusted for? Are these adjustments valid or are they open to question?

  4. Andy Weiss says:

    People in low lying areas have plenty of time to adapt, assuming they need to adapt at all. Another example of crying “wolf” when there is no wolf.

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