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Catlin Finds A Wall Of Rotten Ice

http://www.catlinarcticsurvey.com/ There must be some Polar Bears drowning nearby.

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“Arctic temps climb off the charts”

Record low ice extent, record heat, record thin ice, hottest year ever. No doubt all the ice will be gone this summer. http://summitcountyvoice.com/

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Gore : Racist Deniers Flooding Pakistan For The Next 20,000 Years

Gore said the Civil Rights movement was fueled by youth questioning their parents about legal discrimination, and he drew a link to climate change. “When they could not answer that moral question coming straight from the conscience of young people, … Continue reading

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Freezing Massachussetts Democrats Say Global Warming Is A Serious Problem

http://www.boston.com/ http://www.wunderground.com/

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Obama Triples Deficit – Says Republican Plan Is Wrong

http://www.whitehouse.gov/ http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0411/53296.html Here is what he promised in 2008 : http://moveleft.org/obamas_promises/www-barackobama-com_issues_fiscal.pdf

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Scientific American Having Difficulty Finding Larch Trees In Alaska


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Romm 2009 : “The multiyear ice covering the Arctic Ocean has effectively vanished….”

Saving the planet means never having to tell the truth. ————————————————————————— http://nsidc.org/images/arcticseaicenews/20110405_Figure5.png

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Still Waiting On The Rapid Response Team

I submitted this query five months ago. http://realclimate.science/

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Romm/Cook Compete For Top Honors

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Spring Break In The Arctic

the physical effort of a polar expedition is beginning to take its toll. http://www.catlinarcticsurvey.com/

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