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1976 : Global Cooling Panic – Worst Drought In England And Wales For 500 Years

“The last 15 months have been the driest on record.” http://news.google.com/newspapers

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Fastest Warming Place On Earth Isn’t Warming

HadCRUT 57.5S, 62.5W (Tip of the Antarctic Peninsula)

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Barrow Cooler Than The 1920s

HadCRUT 72.5N, 157.5W

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Faroe Islands Were Warmer In The 1870s

HadCRUT 62.5N, 7.5W

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Kim Jong Il’s Palace And Racetrack

Rush hour in Pyongyang. No cars. No CO2. No global warming. The perfect place to live.

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Massachusetts Was Warmer In The 1940s Than It Is Now

Had Crut 42.5N, 72.5 W

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Study Explains Why The Press Is Drinking The Kool-Aid

The press is 95% Democrats. Democrats only listen to people who make them feel guilty. While public opinion on climate change might be polarized, it’s a stark contrast to the scientific community’s unified stance regarding the warming of our planet. … Continue reading

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December, 1969 : Exceptional Mildness In The Arctic

Temperatures in Canada and Alaska were 6C above normal.

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Mississippi Not Burning

HadCRUT in Mississippi since 1860

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January, 1983 – Temperatures In Russia Were 6C Above Normal

January, 1983 Compare that to last summer’s anomalies. The warmth and extent was much larger in 1983. August, 2011

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