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Why Scientists Should Not Be Allowed To Do Programming

work2(i,k)= (exp(log(((1.496e-6*((t(i,k))*sqrt(t(i,k))) & /((t(i,k))+120.)/(den(i,k)))/(8.794e-5 & *exp(log(t(i,k))*(1.81))/p(i,k)))) & *((.3333333)))/sqrt((1.496e-6*((t(i,k)) & *sqrt(t(i,k)))/((t(i,k))+120.)/(den(i,k)))) & *sqrt(sqrt(den0/(den(i,k))))) coeres = rslope2(i,k,2)*sqrt(rslope(i,k,2)*rslopeb(i,k,2)) ! psmlt(i,k) = xka(t(i,k),den(i,k))/xlf*(t0c-t(i,k))*pi/2. & ! *n0sfac(i,k)*(precs1*rslope2(i,k,2)+precs2 & ! *work2(i,k)*coeres) psmlt(i,k) = (1.414e3*(1.496e-6*((t(i,k))*sqrt(t(i,k))) & /((t(i,k))+120.)/(den(i,k)) )*(den(i,k))) & /xlf*(t0c-t(i,k))*pi/2. & *n0sfac(i,k)*(precs1*rslope2(i,k,2)+precs2 & *work2(i,k)*coeres) psmlt(i,k) = min(max(psmlt(i,k)*dtcld/mstep(i), … Continue reading

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“Snow kicks off Earth Week”

Local Detroit communities scrambled to send out salt trucks while warning that carbon-spewing trucks are destroying the planet, and local schools prepared to scare the kiddies with the movie Carbon Nation — assuming schools didn’t have a snow day. http://www.nationalreview.com/

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Playing The Snow Game

Another favorite alarmist trick is to transparently mix snow intensity and extent. They claim that they forecast heavier snowfalls due to “more moisture in the air.” This in itself is complete crap, but the real intellectual crime is that they … Continue reading

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Not A Peep Out Of Them

Climate scientists will nitpick endlessly about irrelevant details of skeptic arguments, while completely ignoring the 1-3 order of magnitude nonsensical claims of alarmists. Why is that?

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Planet To Become Uninhabitable!

Normal weather patterns prove it. In preparation for Earth Day 2011, Craig Scott Goldsmith, author of “Uninhabitable: A Case for Caution,” has sent an open letter to humanity and its leaders cautioning the detrimental effects of releasing Co2 into the … Continue reading

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Largest North American March Snow Cover Since 1979

Snow is a thing of the past. http://climate.rutgers.edu/snowcover/table_area.php?ui_set=1&ui_sort=0

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Fish Worried About Global Warming

On the Atlantic Coast, the rising sea is claiming historical nesting grounds for shorebirds and sea turtles. One millimeter is wiping these sensitive birds out. Loss of snowpack and changing hydrology in the Pacific Northwest is having a profound impact … Continue reading

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They Can’t Find The Oil

One year after the 10,000 year BP environmental disaster, they can’t find the oil. One of the biggest questions that remains a year after the Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico is about the oil. Unimaginable amounts poured … Continue reading

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Early Spring In Michigan


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