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Have You Been To Confession Yet?

T.J. HOLMES, CNN anchor: Well, in today’s “XYZ,” I’d like confess my sins.  I drive a Chevy Tahoe. It gets 15 miles to the gallon in the city. While some people have SUVs to haul their large families around, it’s … Continue reading

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Greenpeace Terrorists Must Have Walked To The Arctic

http://www.guardian.co.uk/ They hate oil and never, ever use it themselves. The fight to stop the global oil industry exploring the pristine deep waters of the Arctic has been dubbed the new cold war, and early on Friday it escalated as … Continue reading

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Post #5000

Hey, I live In Colorado. What do you expect?

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Earth Day Birthday

Happy birthday Vlad! Your revolution has just begun.

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This Space Intentionally Left Blank

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McKibben – “Human actions have caused temperature to rise a collective two degrees Celcius across the globe”

McKibben, who has been called the “world’s best green journalist” by Time Magazine, discussed 350.org, his worldwide campaign against climate change, and the dangers of global warming. “When you have heat like that, it manifests in many ways,” McKibben said. … Continue reading

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Snowball Earth Part II

To better visualize the absurdity of the runaway greenhouse idea, I did RRTM runs for the tropical atmosphere – with increasing amounts of CO2. That is represented by the blue line below. The red line shows the same experiment with … Continue reading

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7 Months – 5,000 Articles – 2,000,000 Page Views

Thanks everyone!

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Another Day With 50 MPH Winds

Gusting over 70MPH at NCAR today. Most days this month have had wind gusts over 40 MPH. A huge branch just broke off on to the roof of my house. http://www.eol.ucar.edu/

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60% CO2 Would Be Snowball Earth

[UPDATE : Correction below. It doesn’t change the conclusion.] I tried an experiment on RRTM – the radiative transfer model used by NCAR’s climate and weather models – which shows how ridiculous the Hansen/Sagan runaway greenhouse effect is. The control … Continue reading

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