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Arnie Brags That Very Few Jobs Are Being Created In California

Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin’ ….. “Meeting the challenges of a green energy future requires that we all learn from each other – US from Brazil and Brazil from examples like California. Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke here about how breaking a … Continue reading

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Temperatures Have Risen 5C

“During this prehistoric event billions of tons of carbon was released into the ocean, atmosphere and biosphere, causing warming of about 5 degrees Celsius,” Bowen said. “This is a good analog for the carbon being released from fossil fuels today.” … Continue reading

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Climate Scientists Prove That Drought Is Not Caused By CO2

The Dust Bowl — the seven-year drought that devastated large swathes of US prairie land in the 1930s — was the worst prolonged environmental disaster recorded for the country. But a study of the American Southwest’s more distant climatic past … Continue reading

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Divergence Between GISS And HadCRUT

GISS is the red plot with the green trend. HadCRUT is the blue plot with the red trend. Temperatures are at the same scale and normalized to 1998. GISS has gone up 0.15C while HadCRUT has gone down slightly. Nice … Continue reading

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The Death Spiral Visualized

Can there be any doubt that we are headed for an ice free Arctic by 2013? http://arctic-roos.org/

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Saving The Planet By Working Both Ends At The Same Time

The planet hasn’t actually warmed over the last decade or so, but we have to keep the numbers going up. This requires new and creative ways to measure temperatures in the absence of thermometers. At the same time, we can … Continue reading

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Deluded, Misled Or Dishonest?

People who claim that the climate was “better” in the past are either deluded, misled or simply dishonest. There is abundant evidence that nature has always been harsh. After the MWP, every single person in Greenland died. The Anasazi and … Continue reading

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Climate Deniers – Worse Than Holocaust Deniers

Hamilton: Denying the coming climate holocaust by Clive Hamilton Climate sceptics resent being called deniers because of the odium associated with Holocaust revisionism. Even critics of the sceptics are careful to distance themselves from the implication that they are comparing climate … Continue reading

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Energy Crisis Solved!

There’s really no question at all that CO2 molecules emit heat. It seems like the onus is on them to explain how you can add heat to the surface without warming it up. – Colorado State University climatologist Scott Denning … Continue reading

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1899 : Low CO2 Tornado In Wisconsin Killed 117 People

http://www.tornadoproject.com/toptens/8.htm#top This tornado originated as a rather spectacular waterspout on Lake St. Croix, about 5 miles south of Hudson, Wisconsin. The funnel moved to the northeast, east of Hudson, in the direction of New Richmond. Three people were killed at … Continue reading

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