Area Of Thick Arctic Ice Has Doubled In The Last Two Years

US Navy PIPS data shows that the area of ice greater than 2.5 metres thick – has doubled since the same date in 2008.



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40 Responses to Area Of Thick Arctic Ice Has Doubled In The Last Two Years

  1. Baa Humbug says:

    maybe that fool who nearly killed himself trying to kayak to the North Pole will try again this year. One can only hope.

  2. Erik says:

    twice as much rotten ice then..

  3. Scott says:

    Looks like some ice may have been lost through the Fram Strait this winter…know if that’s a valid statement? Can’t really tell just looking at pics.


  4. pwl says:

    Arctic Ice Cap in Danger of Freezing Over Again… Alarmists fear ice.

  5. Andy Weiss says:

    At least Santa doesn’t have to worry about having to move from the North Pole anytime soon!

  6. suyts says:

    Well, I guess they’ll have to find another lie to start telling.

  7. Mac Strong says:

    I’m really interested to see how this debate will finally shake out.

    Will “warm-mongers” ever give up their identity as eco-warriors if/when this c02 curtain falls?

  8. So glad to see this posted. Thanks for the links!

  9. Dr. Killpatient says:

    No doubt this is further evidence of global climate chaos brought about by cow farts.

  10. Mark Boabaca says:

    This just proves that man-made global warming is even worse than we originally suspected.

    Since the Earth has warmed, causing the ice caps to melt, the water was then absorbed back into the air and deposited back into the Arctic, causing an increase in the size of the ice cap.

    We must enact serious cap and trade measures to stop man from destroying this planet.

    /psychotic environut rant

  11. Robert of Ottawa says:

    What is interesting about this is that the US navy, and any navy equipped with nuclear powered submarines, has a very real and practical interest in ice thickness.

    To give a clue, I use pictures of submarines surfaced at the North Pole as backgrounds on my computers.

  12. richcar 1225 says:

    This is exactly what one would expect from the negative NAO we have had for over a year. I think it is also associated with the late buildup of arctic sea ice extent to near normal and the short arctic summer we just experienced.
    the chart at the bottom of the above link demonstrates how sea ice volume was estimated to increase from 1955 to 199 when the NAO was similar to today. warmists predicted we wouldn’t sea negative NAO again. This is there worst nightmare because they know it will likely stick around for thirty years. Cryosat 2 should soon vindicate Steve’s work.
    NAO since 2008

  13. David O says:

    In 1898 M.M.Pattison Muir M.A.,Praelector in Chemistry at Gonville and Caius College Cambridge, wrote The Story of the Wandering of Atoms, a popular science text in which he discussed at length carbon atoms, how carbon dioxide is created(among other things) and the carbon dioxide atmospheric measures in England at that time. He finds English country air contains about three volumes of CO2 for every 10,000 volumes of country air, which works out to be 300 ppmv. In London, he counts 3.8 volumes (380 ppmv), Manchester 4 (400 ppmv), Glascow 5 (500 ppmv). He points out that (at that time obviously) a classroom is considered sufficiently ventilated if it contains 6 to 8 volumes of CO2 to 10,000 volumes of air (600 to 800 ppmv). He states that in some classrooms it rises as high as 15 to 35 volumes (1500 to 3500 ppmv) and in Austria as high as 55 volumes per 10,000 volumes of air (5500 ppmv). He also states that in Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh, it was shown that the highest government scholarship grants were obtained by those children who attended the best ventilated schools. Whereas, in Sheffield no connection could be shown between ventilation and amount of grants given. I provide this comment to show that measurement and some degree of knowledge of CO2 is nothing new and that CO2 measurement of over 300 ppmv is also not new, 300 ppmv being the low measure in England before the 20th century began.

  14. CRS, Dr.P.H. says:

    Thanks, Steve! I’ve been watching the sea ice extent & was wondering how the thickness was progressing. This augurs well for more red-faces among our “friends”!

    Cheers and Happy New Year, Charles the DrPH!

  15. Layne Blanchard says:

    Actually it looks like the Fram Strait is freezing over with thick ice, no? That’s the path by which ice usually drifts out of the arctic…..suggesting restriction there will lead to more ice development. It’s looking like the minimum may indeed be headed back up.

  16. Brian H says:

    All thith ithe news is thickening.

  17. Brian H says:

    mod: typo – “newth” instead of “news”.

  18. Brian H says:

    Mod: duh; also typo – “ith” instead of “is”.

    “All thith ithe newth ith thickening.”

  19. Anaki says:

    According to the website where you got these images from, those images just represent predictions, and do not reflect actual observations.

    • 2CentsWorth says:

      @ Anaki – Yes, it’s the Navy’s prediction for ice status over the next 24 hrs, based on current ice status.


  20. pyeatte says:

    The looney left will never give up for their goal is not the environment but social control over what people can and cannot do.

  21. Sam Adams says:

    Nice try, but the PIPS predictions are for a 24-hour period. If there’s more sea ice on one date in 2010 than on the same date in one other year, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s cherry picking information to make a point that doesn’t exist in the minds of non-extremists.

    • Of course not. All that matters is that the religion is upheld.

    • 2CentsWorth says:

      Yo, “Sam Adams”… how do you think that thicker sea ice, over that wide a geographic area, got to be there on this date in 2010 when it wasn’t there on this date in 2008? You don’t suppose it might show a greater carry-over of thicker sea ice from one year to the next, (what’s known as “multi-year ice”),… do you? You don’t suppose it might show a greater re-freeze this year than in previous years,… do you?

      Or, are you more comfortable assuming it just “magically” appeared there over-night, out of thin air?… Perhaps the magical “Arctic Ice Fairy” paid a visit to Santa at the North Pole for Christmas?…


      • Sam Adams says:

        Actually, “2Centsworth,” what I think and what you think doesn’t matter. What matters is what the data show, and these data don’t show jack. It’s completely meaningless because: 1) It’s a prediction, not a measurement; 2) It’s a 24-hour prediction; 3) It includes only two data points; 4) There’s nothing to indicate whether this is multi-year ice or single-year ice.

        What we have here a pretty animated gif.

      • 2CentsWorth says:

        Sam – I see you’re still unable, or perhaps you’re just unwilling, to add up 2 + 2 and come up with the correct answer of “4” here. This data shows much more than “jack” & is indeed quite meaningful. That’s because this ice didn’t just “magically” appear over-night. It’s been regrowing & accumulating now to the point that, though the caps 15% “surface extent” is still on a par with the last several years, the amount of ice with this level of thickness is now FAR in excess of what was there at this time of the year, 2 years ago. And it doesn’t grow this level of thickness, over that vast an area, overnight. That, my friend, IS the point.

      • Mike Davis says:

        It was the Ice Fairy that runs around with Old Man Winter that created that ice! I know because the sea sprite told me so! She was there and watched!
        It was probably a Tsunami that piled up all that ice due to an earthquake caused by the extreme warming that is happening in the Arctic region. Any day now we can expect another volcano to erupt because of the excess CO2 and the pyroclastic flow over the region will cause the ice to triple in thickness. 😉
        Sam is just a tad confused about what is being shown!

  22. alaine s says:

    since this is Naval information and obviously not classified, its probably bullsh** . as if the navy would be honest about anything or any military branch for that matter. now i am not knocking the troops but since my brother died from exposure to agent orange he got as a green beret paratrooper in nam, i have absolutely no faith in anything the military tells us. they will sacrifice their own for their goals.. and if that goal is to deceive the american public so be it.

    • Dave Johnson says:

      Sorry to hear that about your brother. But why do you think the USN would falsify ice thickness records? Unless of course they want funds to build a fleet of ice breaker destroyers and submarines 😉

  23. Dr. Shooshmon, phd. says:

    Alaine S

    Gee Alaine, since you have such anger directed at the government, surely you don’t believe in global warming? After all, it was Al Gore who fired William Happer.

  24. Dr. Shooshmon, phd. says:

    It is quite hilarious that the enviro whacks think industry is trying to trick the American public when it is the total opposite. The government is anti industry and is trying to undermine it in any way they can. When people talk about taxing oil and other resources, I always wonder why they favor a higher tax? Do they think the government is using it to help the enviroment or something? We see how well the government used the billions of oil tax dollars to make sure the oil rigs in the ocean were/are safe.

    • Mac Strong says:

      great point Dr. Shooshmon–may I ask you area of expertise?

      • Mike Davis says:

        Who Cares! A persons area of EXPERTISE only shows what the person studied and practiced as in occupation.
        I learned that PHD stood for Piled Higher and Deeper and in general that is observed in a lot of fields with what is produced by some holding PHDs.
        The logic behind the claims mean more that the so called credentials claimed by the promoter of the claims.
        Any tax on any business is a tax on the consumer /end user.
        Nothing is SAFE some things are easier to prepare for problems than others.
        Thinking it is the governments responsibility to protect you from some fantasy is what is driving the ECO nuts and providing them with funding!

  25. Mac Strong says:

    although your cantankerous reply is largely accurate, your manners could use some polishing Mike.

    if Dr. Shoosh happens to be a climatologist or an economist, that makes his reply more interesting. If he is an expert in African underwater basket weaving techniques, I am slightly less impressed with his analysis.

    • Mike Davis says:

      At 60+ and dealing with AGW cultists my manners were put away long ago when I quit work.
      I leave the polishing for the woodwork and metal objects that need it. My trees do not care about my social graces any way!

  26. Oldrightie says:

    Warmists are getting to be like rats up a corner, methinks!

  27. B.Stockwell says:

    I do love the interaction between posting people. If it weren’t for the willfully ignorant, the notes would be far less interesting. I feel sad for all of us, but still hope that somewhere, somehow common sense will prevail. I am not a denier of climate change. It has been changing for all the millenia. I do deny portending climate catastrophe caused by pitiful, puny “us”. What hubris! Our big brains leading us (some of us) astray. The more I read, the more disgusted I get at the ravings of our “warmist” scientists. I am grateful for the other scientists who more and more are speaking up and out.

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