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Good News From The EU


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Snow Used To Be Caused By Cooling, Now Caused By Warming

http://climate.rutgers.edu Last winter had the second largest northern hemisphere snow extent on record, after 1978. The 2010 snow was of course due to global warming, while the 1978 event was due to global cooling. The trend line is completely flat, … Continue reading

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Anesthetic gases contribute to global warming


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Excess Heat Making It Cold

Next summer, remember to cool your house with the furnace. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ h/t to Marc Morano

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God Save The Queen


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710AM Chinook Update

The Chinook is definitely retreating. Cooler air from the north seems to be pushing back. Chinooks normally precede a cold front.

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Vicki Pope Can’t Get To Cancun – Too Much Snow


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6:25AM Chinook Update

The Chinook appears to be retreating to the south.

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5:50AM Chinook Update

Houses on one side of Harmony Rd. are almost 30 degrees warmer than houses on the other side of the street.

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Capturing A Chinook

Captured from Weather Underground at 5:20 AM The official temperature in Boulder is 59.5F and in Fort Collins it is 29.8F. An hour or so ago, downslope winds produced adiabatic warming in Boulder but they haven’t reached central Fort Collins … Continue reading

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