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It Is Real – It Is Our Fault – Sacrifice Is Required To Avoid Catastrophe


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Obama : CO2 Threatens Your Health


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“If this is global warming, I think the species will survive”

Four days ago, George Monbiot decreed that cold winters were in fact a product of global warming. And he may be right, although one is bound to ask what kind of weather pattern he would accept as evidence that there … Continue reading

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How Cold Is Alaska?

Fairbanks hasn’t made it up to the normal low temperature since the middle of the month. The average high temperature since December 15 has been -23F. http://www.wunderground.com/

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They Have To Cheat To Make 2010 As Warm As It Was 12 Years Ago

And they still tell us to expect massive amounts of warming in the future.

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Dr. Richard Alley Expects 20 Degrees Of Warming

In fact, as Dr. Alley reminds anyone who will listen, and as he recently told a Congressional committee, the estimate of 5 or 6 degrees is actually mildly optimistic. Computer programs used to forecast future climate show it as the … Continue reading

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Southeast Asia Moves To Western Europe


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Cancun Moves To Western Europe


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Climate Science Follows The Weather

Ten years ago climate scientists forecast warm winters and lack of snow, because we were having warm winters and a lack of snow. Now they forecast cold winters and lots of snow, because that is what is occurring. We used … Continue reading

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Obama Steals $300 From Each Taxpayer To Fight An Imaginary Problem

Apparently he is determined to bankrupt the US. http://www.state.gov/g/oes/rls/rpts/faststart/index.htm h/t to Marc Morano

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