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“2010 on track to be warmest year for Canada: UN weather agency”

CANCUN, MEXICO—Global warming has hit Canada harder than most other parts of the world and 2010 is on track to be Canada’s warmest year, the UN weather agency said Thursday. http://www.thestar.com/ Hot in Canada? So why didn’t they hold the … Continue reading

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NSIDC Satellites Look Broken

They haven’t updated anything for a few days. The last images looked like this :

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Met Office Can Predict Hurricanes In Future Years

I’ll bet they can name them too. (5.0 hurricane Cassandra will strike Exeter on December 31, 2047.) There seems to be no limit to their endless stream of BS. Met Office Decadal Climate Prediction System (DePreSys), can extend successful storm … Continue reading

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RFK Jr. Wants Every Home In America To Be A Power Plant

“We need a grid system that would turn every American into an energy entrepreneur, every home into a power plant, power our country based upon American ingenuity, resourcefulness, human energy what Franklin Roosevelt called American industrial genius, rather than Saudi … Continue reading

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Guardian : It Is Just In The UK

The final ranking for 2010 will not become clear until November and December data are available in early 2011, but November global temperatures are similar to those observed in November 2005, suggesting that despite the freezing weather across the UK, … Continue reading

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Romm Criticizes Another Religion

The world was created in six days, and temperatures are going to increase 6C this century, and we are all going to drown as the ice sheets collapse, and the planet will become unrecognizable and unlivable, and all life on … Continue reading

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UK Unprepared For Snow Because Of The Met Office

The Met Office has consistently stated for the last decade that there will be little or no snow. As a result, municipalities and businesses have planned appropriately. That is what happens when you put people pushing an agenda in charge … Continue reading

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Look For An Upturn In The Arctic Ice Graphs This Coming Week

My global clueless model (GCM) predicts it.

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$32,000,000,000 Scam


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Eco-Friendly Dental Floss

http://www.ecoautoninja.com/ I just opened up a package of “eco-friendly” dental floss which I bought at the store yesterday. It came in an opaque cardboard box shaped like a dental floss dispenser. When I opened it up, there was no dispenser … Continue reading

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