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Matad, Mongolia : Vacation Spot For The Day

Temperature -20C with wind blowing out of the north at 27 mph.

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Proposed CO2 Resolution For Cancun

This one could get passed by the new Congress. It is clear from recent climate patterns that the world is too cold. All nations agree to eliminate fuel taxes and increase their CO2 production by 15% before the year 2015. … Continue reading

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Met Office Brags About Their Climate Prediction Skills


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Humans Making The Ocean Hot In Oregon

http://www.registerguard.com/ How much taxpayer money went into this study?

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Global Warming Research At Bristol University Protects Them From Snow


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Romm : Met Office Underestimated Warming

Apparently their forecast of a warm winter was correct after all.

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Global Warming Killing People In France

http://www.english.rfi.fr/node/62219 h/t to R. de Haan

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12,912,514 Scientists Believe In Global Warming


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House G.O.P. Eliminating Global Warming Committee

“The Select Committee on Global Warming was created by Democrats simply to provide political cover to pass their job-killing national energy tax. It is unnecessary, and taxpayers will not have to fund it in the 112th Congress.” http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/

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Global Warming To Bomb The Atmosphere


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