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Nothing Ever Changes

During the 1970s, climatologists forecast an ice age – and later denied it. During the past decade, climatologists forecast an end to snow and cold winters – and later denied it. History repeats itself.  

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“‘Warming’ up to junk science : The evidence always proves you right”

http://news.bostonherald.com/ If you spent part of Christmas weekend stuck in a foot of snow – er, make that “climate fluff” – you may have found yourself asking “Whatever happened to all that ‘global warming’ Al Gore kept yelling about a … Continue reading

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Republican Leadership Determined To Disappoint Their Voters


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Romm Blames Wyoming Pine Beetles On Warm Winters

Nice theory, except that Wyoming winters haven’t warmed. Even after adjustments. http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/climate/research/cag3/wy.html    

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100 People Arrested In €5 Billion Carbon Trading Scam

http://www.europol.europa.eu/index.asp?page=news&news=pr101228.htm h/t to Marc Morano and Pierre Gosselin

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Chris Matthews Becomes A “Birther”


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Even Trenberth Doesn’t Buy It

I am aware of some German work that suggests the cold outbreak pattern might somehow be stimulated by reduced Arctic Sea Ice. I have not seen the study but count me skeptical. The cold and snow in Europe was “balanced” … Continue reading

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Met Office 2009 : “no future for skiing in Scotland”

Skiing is ‘doomed’ … so enjoy it while it lasts Alex Hill, the chief government adviser with the Met Office, told The Scotsman there was no future for skiing in Scotland because climate change would see winters become too warm … Continue reading

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Met Office 2006 : “snow will become less frequent in the British Isles; we are expecting milder winters”

Keith Fenwick, weather forecaster, Met Office Saturday 2 September 2006 The scientific consensus is that humans are contributing to the greenhouse effect, leading to global warming. When you speak to elderly people they often comment that the seasons are different … Continue reading

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Time Magazine Goes Full Stupid

http://www.time.com Going Green The Northeast Blizzard: One More Sign of Global Warming The loss of Arctic sea ice helps accelerate the warming of the atmosphere in the far north, thanks to what’s known as the albedo effect. White ice reflects … Continue reading

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