GISS : Rewriting History For A Better Future

Joe D’Aleo sent this over, showing how The Ministry Of Information GISS made the hot 1930s disappear.

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12 Responses to GISS : Rewriting History For A Better Future

  1. peterhodges says:

    here is some fraud for you tony

  2. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:

    You know it’s all BS when you see stuff like this–U

    I’m waiting for H2O or H2S the movie! What about Swine Flu the movie!

    Geological time for these guys was when satellites went up and they could stop saying that an ice age was starting due to ENSO +ve and urban heat effects.

    IPCC Geological time started in the 1970s when the tree rings started to mysteriously fail when compared to observed values…

    • Mike Davis says:

      OH NO! they all now admit that natural cycles controlled temperatures before (Pick your date) and then a magic wand was waved and CO2 plus particulate matter released by humans took over control of the climate / weather. Climate= warming and weather = cooling!

  3. Jon P says:

    Does Hansen own a DeLorean?

  4. Paul Pierett says:

    One question for Joseph D’Aleo, can we trust th NOAA?

    Too much of my work is based on their we sites.


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