March 17, 1945

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This date in 1945 was incredibly warm across much of the US. Temperatures were over 70F from California to Vermont. Virginia had temperatures over 90 degrees. White Hall, Illinois and Flemington, New Jersey both recorded 84 degrees.

If this happened now, experts would be 99% certain that it was your fault, and requires immediate world communism to fix.

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9 Responses to March 17, 1945

  1. gator69 says:

    Whitehall is one of the stations I used to use to show cooling over the last century. It is a well sited station that has changed little, and is virtually uneffected by urban sprawl.

  2. rebelronin says:

    “requires immediate world communism to fix”
    🙂 great line

    interesting in that the winter of ’44-’45 in Europe had been the coldest in fifty years
    a least that’s what my father said having been wounded fighting there in January

  3. cdquarles says:

    Nice line there, Tony. Around here, mid 80s in mid March happen nearly every year for a few days.

  4. Andy DC says:

    The alarmists have no clue whether world communism is good or bad for the climate. It is definitely not good for humans, that is for sure.

    • That is wrong and reactionary. Well-schooled Progressives know that a robust exchange of ideas takes place under Communism and it is good for the people. As the Russians liked to say:

      «Да, товарищ, ты имеешь полное право на своё собственное мнение, и сейчас я тебе его скажу!»

      “Yes, comrade, you have every right to your own opinion, and now I’ll tell you what it is!”

      • powers2be says:

        Point well made Colorado. Thanks for that Russian translation. And today, in the U.S., the public school systems are holding hands across America to abandon the teaching of critical thinking in lieu of instilling our children with the proper way to feel, especially about the world around them. Sadly, they are instructed to feel guilty and afraid for being alive and desecrating the very ground upon which they walk. It’s their nasty footprint they are leaving in the sand and they should feel very very bad about that.
        Shame on all of us. The planet would be a very pleasant place if it were not for this failed human experiment. Which brings us full circle to the critical question about a tree falling in the forest. If a planet orbits the sun, does it warm if nobody is around to feel it?

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