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The Completely Fraudulent Global Temperature Record

In 1989, NOAA’s Tom Karl said that most global warming occurred between 1881 and 1919, and that the global climate cooled from 1921 to 1979. 7 Dec 1989, Page 14 – at Newspapers.com He now shows the exact opposite. Cooling … Continue reading

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On The Air Tomorrow

I will be live on the Charles Butler talk radio show tomorrow (Friday) morning at 9 am Eastern.

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The Thing Of The Past

Last Friday we had almost a foot of snow in Boulder. Yesterday we had another two feet of snow in Boulder. This morning the pond is frozen over. And we are expecting another big storm on Saturday. Experts say that … Continue reading

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Plummeting Frequency Of Hot Days In The US

Hot days in the US were far more common from 1910 to 1955, than they have been since 1955. A typical example of this is at Indiana University in Bloomington, where the frequency of hot days plummeted after 1955. From 1910 to … Continue reading

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