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NASA Lied – And People Died

11 Jun 1986, Page 1A – at Newspapers.com Thirty years ago, NASA lied for funding and we lost the Space Shuttle. The US no longer has the capability to put people in space.

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March 17, 1945

This date in 1945 was incredibly warm across much of the US. Temperatures were over 70F from California to Vermont. Virginia had temperatures over 90 degrees. White Hall, Illinois and Flemington, New Jersey both recorded 84 degrees. If this happened … Continue reading

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Frequency Of Hot Days Plummeting Across The US

The frequency of 90 degree days has plummeted across most of the US since the 1930’s, yet NOAA insists that hot weather is on the rise here. This is one of their greatest climate frauds.    

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Americans Less Concerned About Global Warming Than When Obama Was Elected

When Obama was elected, there was 66% concern about global warming. Now it is 64%. This is because Obama healed the planet in June of 2008. Some doubts in Obama’s powers remain though, because of the warm winter. U.S. Concern … Continue reading

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