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Ice-Free Arctic In Only 2,250 Years

NSIDC continues their hysterics, hinting that theArctic is crashing and doomed, due to record heat.    Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis Scary stuff – except that the area of ice in the Arctic hasn’t changed for a decade. Decadal trend is ice-free in … Continue reading

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NOAA Hockey In North Dakota

NOAA created a fake hottest winter ever through an impressive hockey stick of data tampering, but nowhere more so than North Dakota. global warming blamed for temperatures 4.6 degree above normal  This past winter was tenth warmest in North Dakota, … Continue reading

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Scientists Grant Earth Another Reprieve!

Scientists predict 2C warming by 2030, sooner than expected! Dangerous global warming will happen sooner than thought  This is very good news – because they previously thought that much warming would occur by 2010, and nearly 5C by 2030. SWIFTER WARMING … Continue reading

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