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No Trend In Arctic Sea Ice For Ten Years

Experts insist that the Arctic is melting down at -20C, but they are lying. There has been no trend in Arctic sea ice area since the 2006 peak. http://arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/timeseries.anom.1979-2008

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The Climate Tipping Point

I have been forecasting for years that NOAA and NASA would get to a point where they no longer have any interest in pretending to be truthful, and just make up a narrative as they go along. We have arrived … Continue reading

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Dumbest Commie. Ever. By A Huge Margin

Bernie thinks that February was the hottest month ever. Even single celled creatures are¬†intelligent enough to understand that winter is cold – but not progressives. NOAA calculates Earth’s temperature within 0.01 degrees, using a data set which¬†has no coverage over … Continue reading

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