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Creepiest Politician Ever?

Look what this creep said four years ago about Trump.

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Who Is Mitt Romney?

Mitt Romney is the guy who brought us Gina McCarthy, Jonathan Gruber, and threw the election in 2012. He is a global warming nutcase, and now he wants to put Hillary in the White House. Meet Romney’s—and Obama’s—Climate Change Adviser … Continue reading

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Climate Moron Of The Day – Bill Butler

Bill Butler believes that retreat in Glacier Bay, Alaska is evidence of man-made global warming. Had this genius done any research, he would have known that the glaciers there retreated eight feet per day from 1760 to 1860, and are … Continue reading

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My Climate Forecast From March 2015

I don’t make climate forecasts. I do make forecasts of future climate fraud. Here is one from this month last year, where I predicted the tampering which has just occurred at RSS. Posted on March 27, 2015 —————————————————————————————- One of the … Continue reading

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Erasing The Satellite Hiatus

We have a new hockey stick of data tampering! Apparently Carl Mears didn’t like the fact that evil deniers like Ted Cruz were using his data to debunk the climate scam, so he changed the data to make the hiatus disappear. … Continue reading

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