Weather Is Climate : For A Few Months

Satellites show very little net warming since 1990, but the current El Nino spike is being touted as proof that we need global communism to stop climate change.


There was a very similar spike in February 1998. Compare the February, 1998 and 2016 images below.



By December, 1998 the planet had gone cold. If that happens again this year, weather will become weather once again, and not climate..


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  1. The latest NCAR forecast based on their newest weather-climate model below says that weather will revert to climate precisely several months from now.

  2. Pathway says:

    But did you read the entrails?

  3. Pathway says:

    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute is predicting a very strong La Nina starting in August.

    • Caleb says:

      You bet it is “very strong”. They are predicting it down around -2.64, and the lowest I can find in the past is around -1.8. Can we dust off the word “unprecedented”? (Likely the model is malfunctioning like they always do, but never mind that.)

      Have you ever noticed at a beach that just before a big wave comes in the water draws back especially far? I have the feeling the current warm El Nino is like that, a sign of a large wave of cold coming. In any case, the El Nino’s warmth is not a one-way-street, but rather a part of a cycle.

      There will likely be a hub-bub over a splendid spell of spring warmth in the east of the USA this week, but little hub-bub about cold and mountain snows, that are forecast in the west. Notice how the snows extend right down into Mexico.

      It has been amazing how much it has snowed way down in Mexico this winter. I think it is a sign of how loopy the jet-stream has been, and my guess is that loopy jet-stream is caused by the warm El Nino clashing with the unmentionable cold caused by the unmentionable “Quiet Sun”.

  4. Andy Oz says:

    BOM Australia looking at reversal to La Nina by around September.
    Bit early to say whether “strong” or “weak”.

  5. Robertv says:

    If only the weather/climate would be the problem in Europe.

    Turkey jacked up the price for helping Europe to cope with the flow of refugees on Monday, doubling its demand for financial aid by asking for an extra €3 billion, plus visa waivers for Turks and a kick-start to EU accession talks.

  6. Winnipeg boy says:

    Real meteorologists get hired by private companies. They earn money because they produce actionable information. I trade commodities for farmers, big farmers. A corn plant will show you if it is hot, by pulling energy from reproduction into survival mode, thus reducing yield. All of the private long-term forecasters are lock-step calling for a hot/dry summer, specifically July and August. We take on huge positions in the futures market, risking real money on these forecasts.
    Here is what is going to really annoy me: the steady drumbeat of talking heads calling it climate change (or whatever). The saving grace will be that we are positioned to make a lot of money from the weather.
    Last year was the hottest year ever? Tell that to a corn plant; huge yields nationwide last year.

  7. Why this site do not have different languages?

  8. Climatism says:

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