The Fox News Atrocity

Imagine a trial where only the prosecution is allowed to present evidence and ask questions, and witnesses are allowed to interrupt and cut you off.  There is no judge other than the prosecutor. Everyone would be convicted.

That is why we don’t do debates like Fox News last night, who appear determined to get Hillary elected. Megyn Kelley is worse than Candy Crowley.

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45 Responses to The Fox News Atrocity

  1. omanuel says:

    Yes, that is the purpose of the election campaign. To give us the illusion of a fair election before putting another UN puppet in as President of the United States, to complete the plunder of this once great nation!

  2. Those trials were the norm for centuries under religious governments. Aldous Huxley’s “The Devils of Loudon” is an objective account of mystics routinely accusing and torturing one of their own priests, Urbain Grandier, to death. Teevee (which I do not watch) is simply propagating the traditions of those who control both looter parties (which I vote against every election). Everything bad thing around you was wrought by the Republican and Democratic parties.

  3. Fabulous country we call USA could not get where it is without 2 Parties in cahoots.
    Boot them out, (especially elected lawyers, as in over paid liars) flush the DC toilet.

  4. Latitude says:

    What a joke….
    They accuse Trump of eating babies alive…..he’s the worst thing that could happen to the entire planet
    …and then go on to say “if he’s the candidate, we will all support him”

    a total asswipe contradiction….they didn’t mean one word they said

  5. Drcrinum says:

    That Fox News Bimbo would never dig in the closet and attempt to embarrass Hillary if she were on the platform, especially since her boss is a big Hillary supporter.

  6. willys36 says:

    All I want to hear from a candidate is which 100 government agencies he plans to dissolve and how he plans to get to a $500MM budget in his first year. If that list doesn’t include Dept. of Education, Dept. of Energy, EPA, Husseincare, privatizing Social Security, I am not interested.

    • gallopingcamel says:

      I have some good news for you. One of the presidential candidates is proposing to close or “curb” several federal departments/agencies.

      In last night’s “Presidential Debate” Trump was taken to task because shuttering the Department of Education, the EPA etc would not save enough dollars to make a noticeable impact on the deficit.

      While that is true, these departments/agencies need to be closed because of the harm they do. The Department of Education harms our children by “Top Down” initiatives. Common Core is just the latest in a series of destructive DoE programs that dis-empower school principals, teachers, parents and students.

      The EPA is winning its “War on Coal” which means rising unemployment in Kentucky, West Virginia and other coal rich states. So why should you care? Coal can generate
      electricity at $0.04 per kVAh which is almost competitive with nuclear power. My guess is that you are paying more than $0.10 per kVAh so you are not getting the benefit of coal or nuclear. You should be demanding electricity at less than $0.06 per kVAh.

      My point is that a million dollars spent by the EPA or the Department of Education can damage our economy by billions. It is a matter of leverage.

      So who is the candidate advocating eliminating the DoE and the EPA? Buy a copy of “Crippled America” to find out.

  7. stjones911 says:

    I don’t condone Fox’s ambush of Trump, but I don’t quite get your conclusion. Nominating Trump is the surest way to get Hillary into the White House. The Clintons invented scorched-earth politics. An emotionally needy coward like Trump would wet himself and run for cover if he had to face three solid months of treatment far worse than anything he’s seen so far. But he’d probably drop trou and show off his junk first – unless that’s BS like most of his bragging. At least Fox got him to confirm that he’d order our soldiers to commit war crimes. And of course they’d do it because he’s such a powerful, badass “leader”.

    • Getting rid of the 50% candidate and replacing him with a 20% candidate guarantees a Hillary win.

      • Steve Case says:

        I can’t decide which of the two Democrats is worse. But of the two, Mrs. Clinton is the least likely (In my view) to be elected. So, if the Democrat ticket is undecided by the time Wisconsin has its spring primary, I just may give her my vote. Besides I like being able to vote for Sheriff Clarke (-:

        Trump or Cruz?

        Hmmmmm, Democrats that can’t stomach the extremely nasty Mrs. Clinton may find it easier to vote for Cruz. On the other hand those on the far right just might sit home in November if they can’t vote for Trump. So if the Republicans haven’t got it decided by then ……

        So, Trump or Cruz? Cruz is safe, Trump is a gamble. He could be as great as Ronald Reagan or …..

  8. pinroot says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see both Trump and Sanders run as independents against Hillary and whoever the GOP finally select. I’m not saying it will happen, but if it does, I won’t be surprised.

    • Steve Case says:

      If Trump runs as an independent, he will produce the same result as Ross Perot did in ’92.

      • pinroot says:

        Yes, if it’s just Trump running as 3rd party or independent. But if Sanders also runs as 3rd party or independent, then you have four candidates, two so-called establishment candidates, and two “outsiders”, which would be good for popcorn futures 🙂

    • willys36 says:

      You don’t understand the Marxism/Socialism/Communism/Progressivism/Liberalism philosophy. They don’t need to win everything. They just need to progress bit by bit until eventually their entire agenda is in place. They are content if it takes a couple centuries, just as long as every once in a while a piece is put in place. No need to run third party. They can tolerate a Repub in office especially the brand of Repub we have been getting for the past 100 years, save for Ronnie. Eisenhower,Nixon, Ford, and both Bushes willingly enacted big chunks of Progressivism, no need to have a true Socialist in power.

      • Silent Cal didn’t, despite the steep rise of Progressivism in the world in the 1920s. He was a true believer in a constitutionally limited federal government.

        • willys36 says:

          Sadly the Constitution no longer exists in reality. You would be hard pressed to point to any one of the hundreds of alphabet agencies that terrorize your life and tell me where in the Constitution they are anticipated or allowed to exist.

  9. ristvan says:

    There is a growing likelihood Hillary and her close advisors will be criminally indicted by convention time.
    3 Justice insiders have said (to Fox news) that FBI director Comey has expanded the Clinton investigation from breach of national security laws to also include political corruption (State, foreign entities, and the Clinton foundation). That is only possible if FBI accessed the private emails on the server because it wasn’t wiped. The company from which FBI took physical possession saidmit wasn’t. More recently, Bloomberg reported another Justice insider confirmed FBI has accessed at least some of those private emails. And yesterday WaPo reported Justice granted immunity to the guy who installed the server. He had previously pled the 5th. Immunity is only granted when crimes are likely to exist. The guy now has to spill everything or breach his immunity deal and get indicted also.
    The decision will be Loretta Lynch’s. But a former federal prosecutor who knows Comey well said on Fox News that if the FBI recommended criminal prosecution after finishing their investigation, and Lynch stuffed the recommendation, Comey would resign and go public with the reasons. Shades of the Saturday Night Massacre that broke Watergate wide open.
    Clinton is going down, IMO.

    • Steve Case says:

      President Obama will pardon her. It’s just a matter of time.

      • willys36 says:

        And if he doesn’t the Repubs will hold a hearing, huff and puff a bit for TV, finally find no wrongdoing and exonerate her.

  10. rebelronin says:

    Interesting that a wealthy born Manhattan billionaire real estate mogul is considered the anti-establishment candidate.

  11. wizzum says:

    I saw one of Smeagol Kelly’s shows last week and it was a one hour trash Trump vitriol. To have an hour long show dedicated to the trashing of the front runner and have him maintain or even extend his lead shows to me how much his campaign is resonating with ordinary (not self righteous pricks who think their intellect is superior to vulgarians) Americans.

  12. wyoskeptic says:

    I am of the old school that believes government should defend the shores, deliver the mail and stay the hell out of our lives. Considering that most things go by e-mail these days, that leaves defending the shores. Now the government can’t even do that right.

    If Trump can shake things up enough to reduce government to a minimum then well and good. But what I expect is that the bureaucrats and uncivil servants will dig in to defend their turf so that in the long run, nothing is gonna change.

    Mostly it is gonna be little more than fuss and feathers as we continue the long hard slide into third world status.

  13. scruffy says:

    Trump in 2012: I will pay 5 million dollars for Obama to release his records, including college transcripts.
    Trump now: I can’t possibly release my records, but believe me, they are the best records. You never saw records this good. My college transcripts show I had a 5.0 in college. My income was so high I had to use two tax returns last year. But you can’t see them.

  14. eliza says:

    The guy to go for is Ted Cruz he is by far the most intelligent candidate por favor LOL

    • Oliver Manuel says:

      I agree.

    • stjones911 says:

      He’s the only one who has read the Constitution and shows any interest in obedience to its provisions. It’s really a simple choice – the Constitution or a personality cult. I’m not interested in another cult running our government. Obama, Trump, Hillary, Kim, Pol Pot, Hitler, Huey Long, you name the cult; government by law, not by men goes out the window.

  15. ntesdorf says:

    Even Hillary Clinton could not be as President Obama has been. Bernie Sanders could be.
    Ted Cruz would be better than Donald Trump, but will he get to the starters gate?

  16. Marsh says:

    Journalism has gone the way of Climate Science. Perhaps worse ; because Journalists and TV presenters are expected to report from a middle standpoint – without an opinion or any bias…
    Its reached the level of Propaganda ; especially when Media employees leverage the Politics.
    Trump is getting such a great following ; because the others present the same old politics that places the USA on the back foot. Trump is as far removed from Obama as is humanly possible.
    People are totally sick of the ” old school propaganda ” and want a clean sweep of the Obama years… none more-so than Trump ; despite the brash & radical side ; he’s a force for change.!
    Ted Cruz is more civilized & politically correct and every candidate has some good virtues,,, the question is: who has the best chance of getting the US back on track – since Obama derailed it.?
    There is no Anthropogenic Global Warming,, but the Election is heating-up for sure.!

  17. gallopingcamel says:

    The pundits claim that Hillary will beat Donald Trump. The pundits claimed that Carter would defeat Reagan handily right up to election day, yet Reagan won 44 states (aka “Landslide”).

    The GOP establishment thought they could coronate Jeb Bush in defiance of the “Republican Base”. Trump has captured the despised “Republican Base” along with many “Unaffiliated” voters and a few “Democrats”. Remember the Reagan Democrats?

    Even if Hillary Clinton survives “emailgate” she will lose in a landslide to Donald Trump. The pundits will claim otherwise until November 8 when reality intervenes.

  18. Andy DC says:

    The establishment Republicans are worse than the left wing Democrats. At least Bernie and Hillary are passionate socialists, something they truly believe in. The RHINO’s only passion is getting their hands in the cookie jar, to enrich themselves and their cronies.

  19. America is in desperate need of a conservative president again, and a liberal narcissistic turncoat like Trump would not help one darn bit. There is only one guy in the rase now that can meet the need and that is Cruz. And by the way, he is also the best and most reliable regarding arguments againsr the global warming/climate change scam.

  20. rachase says:

    The problem with Trump is that he has a record (if you are unbiased enough to look at it) of switching positions faster than a high class hooker just to satisfy his current ambition. He is taking full advantage of voter discontent by pandering the anger, but obviously underneath he is still The old Trump who fully embraces progressive liberal causes that are his bread and butter.

    • Latitude says:

      Reagan tried to join the communist party, was a democrat…switched to republican…and was elected president

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