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Cameron Hoping To Return Control To Labour

David Cameron woke up the other day and asked himself what was the stupidest possible thing he could do. Eureka! He could align himself with Barack Obama in an effort to start WWIII. A row has erupted over No 10’s … Continue reading

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NPR Reports No Warming For 15 Years

A study in the journal Nature could help explain why the Earth’s average temperature hasn’t increased during the past 15 years A Cooler Pacific May Be Behind Recent Pause In Global Warming : NPR According to Evangelical Christian John Cook, … Continue reading

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Bloomberg Wants A Return To The Kinder, Gentler Weather Of 1936

July 19, 1936  7 DIE IN AND NEAR CITY; New York Gasps in the Highest…

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73% Increase In Arctic Ice Since Last Year

Green shows ice present in 2013 which was not present on this date in 2012. Red shows the opposite. There has been a 73% increase in ice since this date last year. Arctic Sea-Ice Monitor Our top government experts say … Continue reading

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What Would Happen If CO2 Increased By 25X?

The density (grams/liter) of CO2 molecules in Mars atmosphere is about 25 times greater than on Earth, and the average temperature there is -83ºF. The New York Times says that CO2 is the primary greenhouse gas on Earth. One might … Continue reading

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Fort Collins Hottest August 29 Occurred In 1898

Ninety degree weather on August 29 is actually quite common in Fort Collins, with the hottest year being 1898. U.S. Historical Climatology Network Claims by the school district that today’s mild weather is unprecedented, is just about what we expect … Continue reading

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Horsetooth Reservoir Not Yet Boiled Away

Despite what has been described by the school district as unprecedented heat, the reservoir is not yet boiled away – nor are any of the boats on fire. Fort Collins, CO Weather Forecast from Weather Underground It appears that it is … Continue reading

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Left-Wing Israeli Paper Says That The US Is Obligated To Get Itself Into A Huge Mess

A U.S. strike in Syria may have severe repercussions. It may get the United States enmeshed in an inter-ethnic Syrian conflict. It might spark an international crisis with anti-American superpowers Russia and China. It could cause Bashar Assad to act … Continue reading

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CSM Says That The US Must Serve As Al Qaeda’s Air Force For Humanitarian Purposes

US must take substantial military action in Syria now – CSMonitor.com Severe and sustained military action in support of Al Qaeda and risking WWIII sounds like a brilliant plan. Perhaps nuclear winter will cool the climate down enough to make CSM … Continue reading

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Will I Survive My Bike Ride?

I’m going riding up into the foothills at lunch. Now that I know we are having unprecedented heat, I fear for my life. If they hadn’t of told me it was unbearably hot, I would have thought it was really … Continue reading

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