CNN Says That Americans Are Sick Of Guns

America is finally fed up. New surveys by Public Policy Polling and Quinnipiac University confirm Clinton’s view that the public has cooled to the NRA.

Opinion: GOP, ready to turn your back on NRA? –

Ahhh.  That explains why Americans have been buying guns and ammunition at a record pace, and manufacturers can’t keep up with demand. Because they are fed up with guns.

What Americans are really fed up with is the Communist News Network and the White House working to destroy the Bill of Rights.

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10 Responses to CNN Says That Americans Are Sick Of Guns

  1. squid2112 says:

    The public has been buying up guns at a record pace since 2008 and still peaking. That’s for over 4 solid years!

  2. philjourdan says:

    Surprisingly, Ohio and Nevada both voted for Obama. Red States? No wonder no one watches CNN any longer!

    And Murkowski bucked her own party.

  3. NavarreAggie says:

    Yeah, that’s probably why I’m considering a supplemental donation to the NRA in addition to my membership renewal.

    Morons. Ugh.

  4. Andy DC says:

    I am certainly saturated by the issue in general.

  5. leftinbrooklyn says:

    Luckily, it was made clear that ‘fed up’ has no jurisdiction, just as government has none. They can get fed up with what I might say, or what God I worship, or if I peacefully assemble. And all they can do about it is, stay fed up.

  6. higley7 says:

    Wishful thinking by the LIbtards or do they really believe that if they say it’s so, everybody will believe it’s so. Only the Low Information Voter/Freebie Tax-Suckers will believe.

  7. Larry Fields says:

    Hi Steven,
    I just posted a pro-gun rights article at HubPages.

    Tactical Toothbrush in Defense of Liberty?

    Summary: This article is about do-it-yourself political theater for those who support the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. And yes, it involves ‘tactical’ toothbrushes.

    Am I serious, or is this an example of my strange sense of humor? Why can’t it be both?

  8. gator69 says:

    I see no link to the ‘survey’ (red flag) and it appears that sinking poll numbers for a select few GOP senators is their ‘proof’. Kind of like saying that a little warming means that man made CO2 will cause catastrophic global warming.

    Leftists! 😆

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