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(Almost) 97% Of Americans Think Obama Is Crook

Junk polls go both ways.

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Chelsea’s Best Striker Is A Fullback

Bombing out of the Champions League in the knockout round, was the smartest thing they did all season. ROFLMAO

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Photo Found Of Obama Skeet Shooting At The Olympics

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Obama Wants To Arm Islamists, And Disarm Americans

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Thursday that the Obama administration is re-thinking its opposition to arming the Syrian rebels, as officials weigh a range of options in the wake of findings that chemical weapons were likely used in the country’s … Continue reading

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Ban Assault Yogurt

Yogurt capacity needs to be limited to no more than seven ounces, and all yogurt purchasers need to get background checks. BBC News – Chinese girls poisoned by yogurt ‘over school rivalry’ Al Gore says that China is a role … Continue reading

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Always Remember To Clean Up After Your Pet

Hendriks webcam i Tasiilaq

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May Is Cherry Picking Season In California

McKitten finds a warm spot! Twitter / billmckibben: Temperatures setting new records … YearTDeptUS.png (688×531)

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Hey Ho, Hey Ho, It’s Off To Freeze We Go

Historic Snowstorm Hits Plains to Upper Midwest

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Coldest May Temperature Ever Recorded In Trenberth’s Neighborhood

Kevin Trenberth says that the missing heat travesty has been resolved by sneaky heat diving to the bottom of the sea. Gaia apparently is not amused by Trenberth’s bullshit, and has sent all-time May record cold to his house. After … Continue reading

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Julienne’s Response

Steve, well first off you have to define what is meant by ice-free. We often refer to ice-free as less than 1 million sq-km since even with most of the Arctic Ocean ice-free, it is likely that some ice will … Continue reading

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