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97% Of Scientists Agreed That Global Cooling Was Going To Kill Us All


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Heating Your Greenhouse At Night

Temperatures on the dark side of Venus are just as hot as the lit side, so it should be obvious to anyone capable of rational thought* that the “Greenhouse Effect” does not make Venus hot. *This would apparently exclude James … Continue reading

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Global Warming Ruins McKibben’s Memorial Day Golf Outing

Photos: Snow for Memorial Day Weekend in Parts of New England

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Shock News : New York Had Numerous Major Hurricanes Below 350 PPM

1821 HURRICANE Reaching the City on September 3, 1821, the storm was one of the only hurricanes believed to have passed directly over parts of modern New York City. The tide rose 13 feet in one hour and inundated wharves, … Continue reading

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Man Made CO2 Confuses Global Warming Into Thinking It Is Global Cooling

Confused Weather Drops Over 30 Inches of Snow on Memorial Day Weekend – Abby Ohlheiser – The Atlantic Wire

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Past The 400 PPM Tipping Point

Crossing over 400 PPM has dramatically changed the global warming curve Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs If current trends continue, 2C warming is inevitable under the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

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Arctic To Be Ice-Free Next Spring

Climate experts predicted an ice-free Arctic for sometime before this summer, but the standard climate science lobotomy based extrapolation shows that it won’t actually occur until next March.

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Only 90 Days Until The Greenland Harvest

Greenland farmers are up working at the crack of dawn. Hendriks webcam i Tasiilaq

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Proof That Your SUV IS Melting The Arctic

Arctic sea ice area is normal. ssmi1_ice_area.png (1667×1250)

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Quick Quiz For Climate Morons

Death Valley is about to mark the 100th anniversary of the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth (134F.) It is very hot in Death Valley because : There is more heat trapping CO2 in Death Valley, because people drink lots … Continue reading

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