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Cast Your Vote!

Obama is getting impeached by Internet voters at a rate of about one per second. Cast your vote! The Internal Revenue Service official in charge of the tax-exempt organizations at the time when the unit targeted tea party groups now … Continue reading

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Obama Concerned About Security – Now That It Threatens Him

Obama had no interest in saving the embassy staff when he could have, but now that Benghazi threatens him – suddenly he is very interested in doing something about it. Obama attempts to draw line under series of scandals

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Teleprompter Translation

Speaking to reporters earlier Thursday, Obama said his “main concern” was to immediately remedy the IRS debacle. “I promise you this, the minute I found out about it, my main focus was making sure we get the thing fixed.” Obama … Continue reading

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Hansen Takes A U-Turn : Confirms That Global Warming Reduces Severe Storms

“The cold freshwater coming out from Greenland is going to likely cause this cooling,” said Hansen. “That’s what I call the ‘storms of my grandchildren’ because you get cooling of the North Atlantic; warming of the tropics continues to increase, … Continue reading

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Hansen : Ocean Warming To Cause Ocean Cooling

The scientist also said he’s working on a paper based on “speculative” research that indicates accelerating ice loss from Greenland will eventually cause the North Atlantic to cool, creating the conditions for more powerful storms along the lines of Hurricane … Continue reading

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My Response To Scientist Barack Obama

Twitter / BarackObama: Ninety-seven percent of …

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Nenana Ice Closing In On First Place

It is May 16th, and the ice at Nenana, Alaska has not broken up yet. This puts 2013 in second place for the latest breakup date, and rapidly closing on first place – which was May 20, 1964. Nenana Ice … Continue reading

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Raising April

Thermometers show that April was the 11th coldest since 1895 in the US, but through the magic power of data tampering – NCDC was able to bump April up to only 23rd coldest. NCDC accomplished this by cooling the past … Continue reading

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Obama’s 2,880 Minute Gap

Nixon released the Watergate Tapes with an 18 minute gap The Milwaukee Journal – Google News Archive Search By contrast, Obama released the Benghazi E-mails with a 2,880 minute gap. The Benghazi-related emails released by the White House late May … Continue reading

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McKibben’s BS Gets Divested By His Own College

Middlebury College Statement on Natural Gas Pipeline | Middlebury

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