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1948 Drought Wiped Out California Wildlife

08 Mar 1948 – Fish, Birds Die In U.S. Drought

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1877 Drought Killed Most Of The Sheep In California

25 Aug 1877 – Dreadful Effects of Drought in California.

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Global Warming Update

  Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

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Religion And Heresy

Global warming nutjobs have now officially adopted the language of the Inquisition. You can only be a “heretic” of a religion. Don’t give climate change heretics an easy ride | Jay Griffiths | Comment is free | The Guardian

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Seven Year Drought Killed 40% Of The Livestock In Australia – Wheat Crop Destroyed

The “Federation Drought”, 1895-1902 Many of Australia’s worst droughts occur when one or two very dry years follow several years of generally below average rainfall. Such was the case in the so-called “Federation drought”, which began in the mid 1890s … Continue reading

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Shock News : Extreme Drought And Fires From Mexico To Alaska

CO2 was at very safe levels in 1929 Geraldton Guardian and Express Friday 29 November 1929 29 Nov 1929 – DROUGHT CONDITIONS SAN FRANCISCO’S PLIGHT. FORES…

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Americans Taking Over White Hart Lane

Spurs now have Americans at both ends of the pitch.

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Barbecue Summer Update

Cold night breaks August records in places

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Santa Monica Mirror Gets The Full Stupid Award

Tampa, Florida. Exterior GOP Convention. Sign on door reads, “Monday is canceled because of violent weather caused by altered climate. The Oil and Coal Lobby Cocktail Hour will be moved to higher ground.” Why, then, do we seem unable to … Continue reading

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World To End In The Year 1189, Amid Storms And Thunder

Portland Guardian  –  11 April 1867 11 Apr 1867 – WORLD’S END PROPHECIES.

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