Inside Hansen’s Disordered Mind

Hansen tells us that global warming will cause a semi-permanent drought in the west and in Texas. He also tells us that global warming may cause a semi-permanent El Nino.

One minor problem – El Nino normally causes unusually wet conditions in the west and in Texas.

He appears to have mutually exclusive apocalyptic visions running around inside his head. This is normally called paranoid schizophrenia.

If the Pacific is cold, the west is dry. If the Pacific is warm, the west is wet. Both at the same time isn’t an option.

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11 Responses to Inside Hansen’s Disordered Mind

  1. suyts says:

    Steve, it gets much worse than that! Hansen’s muddled mind can still almost string words together in which rational people can interpret. Some alarmists have gone into full blown psychosis. Just being a layman, I’m going with hebephrenia. Check out this full paragraph……..

    Intermediate levels of species loss (21–40%) could reduce plant production by 5–10%, comparable to the size of the effects of ultraviolet radiation and climate warming. Loss of 41–60% of species, meanwhile, would create levels of change similar to those of ozone, acidification, elevated carbon dioxide and nutrient pollution.

    Apparently, species loss = ozone.

    • NoMoreGore says:

      Hoe-lee Sh*t, WTF was that guy talking about? I guess it just goes to show what’s happened in the education system. Mindless babble sub’d in for relevant content. It’s like a class where tests are given, but you don’t need to provide the correct answer, just one that spins pseudospeak blather.

  2. tckev says:

    The HansenSoft games computer is rigged. Heads you loose, tails he wins…

  3. Eric Simpson says:

    How does he remain at his NASA position? Here he is, from a position of authority, constantly spewing leftist propaganda and scare-mongering lies, while raking in millions of $ for himself. That man should be arrested and put in jail. At minimum he needs to be forcibly removed from his govt post.

    • I suppose that’s why 50 former NASA scientists, engineers, etc., wrote a protest letter about his antics. Not that it is going to do much good right now…

    • NoMoreGore says:

      I’d like to say “Appoint Marc Morano as his boss” and that would solve the problem. But I’d like Marc to run the EPA instead. The preferred solution would be to open a Grand Jury investigation for Fraud and racketeering. Contributing to the fraud of the Climate Cabal, and its attempt to bleed the country thru Crap and Charade.

      One count for every false adjustment. 10M years in Prison…. unless he cooperates. And so he rats out Gore, with thousands of counts of racketeering for his ownership of the CCX and his lobby of congress – hoping to force every American to pay HIM tax. Start taking them down, one by one.

      Don’t wanna spend ETERNITY in a 5X10 room with Butch, the gay ax murderer? Start talking.

  4. Don B says:

    Judith Curry has predicted increasing numbers of La Nina through 2025, due to cool PDO and warm AMO, and less rainfall than normal for the Southwestern US.

    Real Science smart – Hansen dumb.

  5. The whole Hansen La Nina/El Nino thing is very strange. There is no data at all to support a relationship between ENSO and AGW. If fact, nearly all the climate models don’t even produce ENSO phenomena. (Although a few are starting to acquire ‘ENSO like’ behaviours but it’s early days yet.)

    Which begs the question… where is he getting his information from? Clearly he is just speculating…

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