Hansen Cheating In Iceland

Phil shows no trend in Reykjavik temperatures over the the last 90 years, yet Hansen has corrupted the GISS data set recently to show a strong warming trend.

Why didn’t Jim shoot Phil an E-mail before he did this?


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2 Responses to Hansen Cheating In Iceland

  1. kirkmyers says:

    As long as there is grant money to be made and taxpayers to fleece, Hansen and his fellow global warming cultists will continue to manipulate temperature data and climate models. They can’t support their AGW theory with empirical evidence, so they’re reduced to cheating and lying. And the Revkins of the media world go along for the ride. Most “mainstream” newspaper reporters covering the environment have reduced themselves to two-bit propagandists. They aren’t interested in delving into the facts.

  2. paddylol says:

    Hansen should be retired to the same bin now occupied by Paul Erlich where they can sing looney tunes to each other.

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