Mann Chops Down Briffa’s Tree

“I can not tell a lie”

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3 Responses to Mann Chops Down Briffa’s Tree

  1. Eric Simpson says:

    This seems like a good spot to rerun my comment I just left at a warmist site:

    There’s talk about the “problem” of meteorologists not going along with the supposed consensus. Yet you could just as easily see it as a problem that climate scientists, or at least the younger ones, are like a solid, virtually unanimous block in their support of AGW. No deviation, marching in goosestep. This unanimity is puzzling, considering the richness of the debate, and how easy it would be to play devils advocate.

    The problem is that far from being unbiased and impartial, climate scientists, at least the post 1990 vintage, had to agree with the AGW theory in order to be acccepted into their doctorate programs. So, today, climate scientists represent little more than a rubber stamp for AGW.

    Thus the inescapble conclusion is that climate scientist cannot be considered an independent, unbiased, credible source of information… on climate.

  2. geologyjim says:

    Keith Briffa – meet dark underside of bus.

    cheer-io, Mike Mann [p.s. I knew you never had the stomach to “do what was necessary” for The Team]

  3. miked1947 says:

    I guess “The One” has spoken! It is a Mann’s World indeed.

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