Disturbing Imagery Of The UK Drought

UK weather: Rain, biting winds and even snow for Bank Holiday weekend | Mail Online

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13 Responses to Disturbing Imagery Of The UK Drought

  1. DC Andy says:

    Unprecedented extreme droughflood! They never happened until Dr. Hayhoe invented the term in 2011 and now we have had at least three. The planet is under stress! The end is near!!

  2. DC Andy says:

    On a more serious note, on the beautiful May morning, it was an incredible -18 F on the NW coast of Alaska this morning and -11 in Nunavut. Still single digits on the west side of Hudson Bay.

    Melt season? What melt season?

    • Eric Simpson says:

      -95°f in Vostok Antarctica yesterday, but that’s before the windchill puts things on (dry) ice. It’s ok, just wear a few extra jackets.

      The most I’ve seen in Vostok, from Real Science reports, is about -107°f. This season we are going to see if makes it to a record (from what I’ve seen) -110°f; then and only then do we break out the bubbly.

  3. lanceap says:

    People just aren’t going to know what a drought is….

  4. jimash1 says:

    It’s a dry kind of rain. Wet/dry reaching depths of several tens of inches, is consistent with
    Global Warming drought conditions as expected. All well documented in models.

  5. Latitude says:

    Steven, you need to save this…it’s the link to the master file of the old sea ice maps


  6. Robertvdl says:

    Looks like an El Niño con bicicleta.

  7. NavarreAggie says:

    HAHAHA! OT, but Steve I thought you might find this humorous!

    “Irene” retired from list of Atlantic Basin storm names

    • Andy DC says:

      It is funny how they said Irene was a hurricane all the way up to central New Jersey? It didn’t have hurricane force gusts that far north let along sustained.

      Almost 16 billion dollars worth of damage? Most of that must have resulted from fraudulent insurance claims, where everyone with a leaky roof got a new roof. What would the damage have been if Irene was an actual hurricane?

      Yes, Irene should be retired, as the greatest media non event in history.

  8. Dave N says:

    Just wait for the “England’s flooding during this period of drought is yet another example of global ‘weirding'” stories.

  9. Edward. says:

    “The plot dried out”.


    How, a country blessed with a maritime climate with a prevailing south westerly airstream somehow: became ‘arid’ Britain, featuring racketeering foreign water companies who don’t give a **** and all further confused by the braindead political claque and EU diktat.

    Depends upon, where one lives in dear old Blighty, can’t say there has been much of a drought hereabouts but then we are away from the bigger population centres and there’s lots of hills in these here parts, yessum.
    Drought [In the UK] – is a chimera of a political concoction [ring a bell with anything?].
    Our real government in Brussels now decrees and has become concerned that domestic consumers [me] using excessive amounts of water and how that affects our Carbon footprint and besides – with Britain building [supposedly] thousands of bird-choppers [EU policy needless to say and followed blindly by the Westminster t*ss*rs] – energy will be at a premium.
    Soon, it’s back to the future and water pump and wells lads and lasses – and BTW your/our WATER – it’s gonna cost a fortune too.

    That’s progress – that’s the ‘middle ages’.

  10. A C Osborn says:

    The water companies are busy pumping water out of the underground aquifers, they never think to pump any back in when a good section of the country is under floodwater and Reservoirs and rivers are suddenly full.
    The privatisation of our Water Industry by “Maggie” only ever had one outcome, big profits for the private companies, poorer service and higher prices for the customers.
    The same applies to Power.

  11. Beale says:

    Are we justified in saying this is the wettest drought ever?

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