Cold In Pachauri’s World

SHIMLA: Even as concern is being spread about global warming, it has been the coldest April in over a decade, as far as this erstwhile summer capital of the British raj is concerned, with both the average day and average night temperatures being the lowest recorded since 2001.

Though director meteorological office here, Manmohan Singh said that there were still about 12 days to go before the month comes to an end, but taking into consideration the fact that the average day temperature has so far not gone up above 20 degrees C and the nigh temperature above 10 degrees C, it can be safely presumed that both the maximum and minimum average temperatures are likely to remain the lowest for the decade.

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4 Responses to Cold In Pachauri’s World

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    Hansen is standing by, with red and pink crayons in hand, ready to assure that April will be one of the hottest (if not the hottest) on record, no matter how cold it is.

    • Yes, there will be one spot in the Arctic which is 135 degrees above normal.

      • Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

        Maybe you are right Steven, maybe he really is going to fabricate and fabricate data until 2011 ends up being the hottest year ever. I thought he would just blame La Nina for cooling in 2011.

  2. Layne Blanchard says:

    We’ve had some clear days, but they’ve all been cold. We’ve yet to break 60F that I’m aware of. (Seattle) Earlier tonight it was heavy rain/hail. Quite cold.

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