Best Arctic Sunbathing In 2,000 Years

Never mind that it is dark and minus 30 degrees…….


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  1. etudiant says:

    The paper is actually based on the change in the mix of foraminifera remains found in Fram strait sediment cores.
    The most recent deposits are largely composed of warmer water species, rather than polar ocean species, at a much higher percentage than in the past 2 millennia.
    That seems a reasonably significant finding, which strongly argues for an unusual incursion of warmer Atlantic water into the Arctic.
    However, it is less clear what if anything this has to do with global warming, much less AGW.
    Rather it speaks to a rearrangement of ocean flows, for unknown causes, shoehorned into the AGW paradigm.
    As usual, it’s not that the data is wrong, it’s that the interpretation may be mistaken.

  2. alpinista says:

    How was Portugal, Mr. Goddard? Did you survive the week among the alarmists? Nice bike riding weather back here!!! Here’s wishing you a safe return.

    • Everyone was great, I had a really nice time. I’m taking the train up north tomorrow with the bike and spending the day riding before I come back.

      • Jimbo says:

        I wonder how many of the workshop Warmists ride bikes. It’s a bit like Anthony Watts actually greening his house while being a sceptic. Why don’t more Warmist conference attendees ride bikes??? Humbugggggg????

        By the way I do everything I can to reduce my electricity bill. Money is my driver and not Co2. For government funded warmsits this is not a concern.

      • alpinista says:

        Bike riding in Portugal. I am so envious!!! What fun is that?

        It was in the mid-sixties here today, felt like Spring!

        Be safe.

  3. suyts says:

    The study gave very precise statements, “The Fram Strait water temperatures today are about 2.5 degrees F warmer than during the Medieval Warm Period,….”

    Right……. I buy the species thing of being indicative of general temps, but 2.5 degrees? Stuff like that sets off my BS alarm.

  4. Russ says:

    HAHAHA, On a side note, you think those two in the pic will come down with a case of freezer burn due to the new warmcold Globull Whining, I mean Warming!

  5. Jussi says:

    I live 400 km north from Arctic circle. Sun has allready rised. Polar night has ended. It is not dark anymore. We have only -8 C right now in the middle of night. This winter has been warm here up in the north.

  6. latitude says:

    The findings were a new sign that human activities were stoking modern warming since temperatures are above past warm periods linked to swings in the sun’s output that enabled, for instance, the Vikings to farm in Greenland in Medieval times.


    “Greenland has been on the cusp of agriculture since the 16th century. Before this, agriculture was practiced by Viking settlers. Then came the “Little Ice Age” of the 16th century, wiping out Norse settlers and dooming agriculture in the region. But temperatures have been rising steadily since the 80s, ……..
    ……………..and farming may soon be possible”

    So the dumb sh*ts are saying that temperatures are higher than when there was farming in the past, yet no one is farming now……………

  7. Andy Weiss says:

    Prototypical media pablum/propaganda riddled with outright falsehoods. The grant money must be really drying up!

  8. It's always Marcia, Marcia says:

    These cries about the Arctic have become so hackneyed that even now they must yawn at each new report from the Arctic sky is falling revolving door.

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