Global Warming And Global Cooling Reconciled : They Are The Same Thing

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27 Responses to Global Warming And Global Cooling Reconciled : They Are The Same Thing

  1. Nobama says:

    …. and the heavens will rain golden daffodils and pieces of eight. As the atmosphere warms, Pretendident O’Sputternik and his entourage will be able to “float” across the pond without Air Force One. The world would rejoice, if not for the hellish heatcold and rainblizzards. Did I say lizards? Oh yes, there will be man eating lizards everywhere.

  2. Rick K says:

    As one commenter at the Telegraph wrote: This means “Wetter, drier summers and warmer, colder winters.”

    It sure is nice when you can have your cake and eat it too. Cold? Hot? Wet? Dry? Wind? Calm? Clouds? Sun? Short? Tall? Slim? Overweight? Good-looking? Hideous? Full head of hair? Bald? It’s all due to “global warming.”

    Any invention, any theory… that claims it “does it all” is absolutely worthless and a sham. Those who believe in such tripe are stupid.

    No doubt that’s also caused by “global warming.”

  3. Mike Davis says:

    This is the type of stories they need to print more often!

  4. Baa Humbug says:

    Now they have become true Snake Oil salesman.

    Fix all ailments, cure baldness, shingles, headaches, ulcers etc etc

    Hey, wheres their wagon?

  5. Jimbo says:

    This type of shit finding is all aimed at the future. If we have more snow and cold in the UK the Warmists will say someone said that.

    Warmer Northern Hemisphere winters due to global warming
    Colder Northern Hemisphere winters due to global warming

  6. Baa Humbug says:

    They’re not going to let go of the Polly Berra connection.

    Polar bear swims for 9 days in search of sea ice
    Jill Burke | Jan 25, 2011

    And here “Polar bear’s epic nine day swim in search of sea ice”

    This mamma berra swam continuously for 232 hours covering 687km looking for the ice that us evil humans melted with our SUV exhaust.

    It’s a travesty I tell ya

  7. timheyes says:

    As I understand it then: Something will happen with the weather or climate in the future.

    Well worth all the money spent and endless nights of worry.

  8. Philip Finck says:

    The number of people calling the story BS far outnumbers the people yelling, “Told you so…. were all going to freeze/bake”.

    • Mike Davis says:

      The story is so obvious BS that more similar articles need to be spread so more can see the Garbage that is coming out of the climatologists and their defenders!

  9. bubbagyro says:

    Your comment in the Telegraph about warmcold and wetdry is a hoot.

    I am suddenly reminded of the famous Monty Python skit:

    Host: (more impatient) I know it’s yours. What is it?
    Ann Elk: Where? Oh, what is my theory?
    Host: Yes!
    Elk: Oh, my theory that I have follows the lines I am about to relate.
    (Coughs) Ahem. Ahem. Ahem. Ahem. Ahem. Ahem.
    Host: Oh God.
    Elk: Ahem. Ahem. Ahem. Ahem. Ahem. Ahem. Ahem. Ahem. Ahem. Ahem.
    Ahem. Ahem. [Impatient noises from Host] The Theory, by A. Elk. That’s
    A for Anne, it’s not by a elk.
    Host: Right….
    Elk: This theory which belongs to me is as follows. Ahem. Ahem. This is how
    it goes. Ahem. The next thing that I am about to say is my theory.
    Ahem. Ready?
    (Host moans)
    Elk: The Theory by A. Elk brackets Miss brackets. My theory is along the
    following lines.
    Host: Oh God.
    Elk: All brontosauruses are thin at one end, much MUCH thicker in the middle,
    and then thin again at the far end. That is the theory that I have and
    which is mine, and what it is too.
    Host: That’s it, is it?
    Elk: Right, Chris.
    Host: Well, Anne, this theory of yours seems to have hit the nail on the head.
    Elk: And it’s mine.

    I just imagine Dr. Simon Boxall as Ann Elk in the skit. His name, BTW, is very fortunate, since he tends to put everything in the warm-earther “box”.

    • suyts says:

      Thanks man! I remember the skit, too! It was a hoot, but then every time I hear or read “brontosaurus” I usually have a hearty laugh. 100 years of certitude, right down the crapper.

  10. Erik says:

    Warmcold strikes again: European carbon market frozen indefinitely

  11. ES says:

    Snowstorm Shatters New York City, Philadelphia Records

  12. Wow! So without admitting they were wrong, they flipped the whole basis of their theory & belief system to suit the contradictory evidence and them selves. I’m not impressed at all one bit what so ever.

    • rw says:

      That’s the giveaway. After each tack, each reversal, they carry on as if the present line was always The Way Things Are (or in this case, The Way Things Will Be). That’s why it’s pretty clear that the whole thing is a sham.

      It’s rather depressing to observe, but at the same time it has an eerie fascination.

  13. It's always Marcia, Marcia says:

    Th ever evolving science of global warming.

  14. Charles Higley says:

    Hey! If it does not warm at some point, when do we get to cool?
    So, warming leads to cooling. Any numbskull knows that. But, did we cause the warming? NO!

    It is quite clear that the Medieval Warm Period was warmer than now, CO2 has been significantly higher than now during several periods in the last 200 years and temperatures were clearly independent of the CO2, and, even if CO2 could warm the atmosphere, it would simply ramp up the global convectional cooling system and probably cause a slight overall cooling as it would make the transfer of energy to altitude more efficient and rapid.

    Manmade global warming is a political agenda and nothing more. The IPCC’s mission is to create a case for global controls of energy (which provides control of everybody and everything) and the creation of a one-world government which would necessarily be totalitarian and socialist.

    Do not forget that our good friend Nancy Pelossi has said that everybody’s actions (our lives at work and at play) must be inventoried (monitored) to check their energy compliance (to government regulations, for sure). Manmade global warming is an excuse to literally remove all of our liberties, producing socialism big time. And, of course, there would be a ruling class, producing communism, socialism run by a gang.

  15. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    To keep your soda cold in the summer leave it in on the dash of your car in the middle of the day with the windows shut. I’d say with the car running and heat on full blast too, but I’m no mans fool, I know the soda can would split open because inside it would become frozen, and then leave a mess on the dash. You can’t get nothing by me man. And for God sake, if you’re going to sit in the car waiting for the soda to chill, bundle up!

  16. Bill Williams says:

    Um, this could be a bit embarrassing

    Climate change ‘could lead to British Merlot’
    By Roger Highfield, Science Editor 12:01AM BST 26 May 2008

    “……..Prof Sir Brian Hoskins, director of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change at Imperial College, said: “This research shows how the environment in the UK could be affected by climate change in a relatively short period of time. Increases in temperature over the course of this century could have a dramatic effect on what can be grown here, including vines.”

  17. Wrangler Wayne says:

    GW scientists have wrongfully exaggerated and demonized CO2’s role in climate change. CO2’s additional (non-H2O) narrow absorption band of energy (apart from other GHGs) reaches 98% of its max absorption in only 100 ppm. By 200 ppm, CO2’s effect is flat lined and other molecules instantaneously take up the challenge. This fact negates CO2’s entire greenhouse effect and temperature changes become so small they blend undetectably within the huge variations caused by water. There simply is not enough energy crossing these absorption bands to make any reasonable change in climate. Of course, these scientists, have twisted the theories to fit the necessary alarmist data. In so doing, they have become twisted themselves by what they twisted.

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