Basic Chemistry For Climate Science Mental Midgets

Temperatures in the US have been running far below normal. Cold air holds less water than warm air.

So if you say “snow cover in 49 states is due to more moisture in the air from global warming” – then you have absolutely no idea WTF you are talking about. The air is not warm, and Sea Surface Temperatures are also running well below normal.

The widespread snow cover is due to cold, not the imaginary warmth inside your computer model.

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16 Responses to Basic Chemistry For Climate Science Mental Midgets

  1. Nobama says:


    You’re starting to sound like Lubos. I had a good laugh over there today. Hey, maybe they’re concience dreaming? There was an El Nino a year ago. Maybe this is Kevin’s hidden heat, finally showing up?

  2. Martin says:

    Just read this article in the Guardian about the terrible floods in Sri Lanka

    I was interested to learn ” Temperatures in Sri Lanka remained at historic lows, with more rain forecast.”

    • Paul H says:

      Don’t forget Sri Lanka is part of the UK.

      Well they play cricket anyway.

    • John Marshall says:

      I don’t read the Grauniad, for obvious reasons, but did they mention La Nina which is running at high strength at the moment, or the negative PDO both of which cause Queensland flooding and rain increase in the Indian Ocean as well as weather cooling around the Atlantic? I do not suppose they did.

  3. RoyFOMR says:

    Interesting comment from Martin about the Grauniads reporting on the Sri Lanka floods.
    What’s the betting that the cold temperatures will not be reported elsewhere in that august organ?
    A case of the Left hand not knowing what the Lefter hand is doing!

  4. John B says:

    Also if there was more moisture in the air right now, warming would cause increased rain in the south not snow! It normally doesn’t snow in Mississippi and warmer tempratures would make it even less likely (not impossible, it could be warming overall and yet have a few freak cold days that brings snow). There could be a couple states having snow in the midst of rising tempratures due to a few freaky days but not ALL of them except FL.

  5. MrCannucistan says:

    Is it possible that all the moisture was carried up into the atmosphere by the warm El Niño period earlier in the year? Then when ENSO switched over to the colder sister La Niña, the cold weather caused all the moisture to condense and fall like rain and snow?

    Either way, we know ENSO is not caused by climate change or AGW. It also doesn’t explain why areas that are normally warm like the southern states are now cold enough to produce snow. Moisture in the air is one thing. But to produce show it has to be cold, otherwise it just falls as rain.


  6. Geez says:


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