Leonardo DiCaprio Saves A Tiger

Bus driver killed by a nearly extinct tiger.


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5 Responses to Leonardo DiCaprio Saves A Tiger

  1. Perry says:

    There is a lesson in this report.

    The western equivalent of being unaware of one’s surroundings is the way rsoles cross roads with mobile phones clamped to their ears. Crunch!

    Muggers & rapists also benefit from the distractions provided by mobile phones. Self preservation is about expecting the unexpected. Education is necessary.

    General principles of Krav Maga include:

    * Maintaining awareness of surroundings while dealing with the threat in order to look for escape routes, further attackers, objects that could be used to defend or help attack and so on.

    * Counter attacking as soon as possible (or attacking pre-emptively).

    * Targeting attacks to the body’s most vulnerable points such as the eyes, jaw, throat, groin, knee etc.

    * Neutralizing the opponent as quickly as possible by responding with an unbroken stream of counter attacks and if necessary a take down/joint break.


  2. Airframe Eng says:

    Leo didn’t really care about the Tigers. He just wanted a chance to do some spooning with Putin.

  3. Mike Davis says:

    With that many in captivity they are not as rare as claimed!

    • Al Gored says:

      And that says there are that many in China alone. Anyone know if that is correct? I do know that there are plenty of them in captivity in other countries.

  4. Chris Vaughn says:

    I am all for saving the tigers. There is a big cat rescue not far from me in western IN called the Exotic Feline Rescue Center. They have over 200 big cats – more than half are tigers. Most of them come from people who either were trying to keep them as pets or from other places that were trying to keep them for various reasons like exhibiting etc. It was awesome to visit them … you will never seen so many big cats in one place unless you go on a photo safari in the Serengeti to see the lions maybe. It is mostly unfortunate the driver got off the bus – he had to know the danger being in a place with tigers running around loose.

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