The Australian Public Responds Positively To Julia’s Article

    • Biff of Wyndham of Werribee Posted at 12:10 AM May 30, 2011
    • What a pillock !!!

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    • Get rid of Gillard Posted at 12:29 AM May 30, 2011

      The facts are clear, Australians must act to save Australia. Julia Gillard is destroying this country and must be stopped.

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  • OVER IT Posted at 12:52 AM May 30, 2011

    Bloody hell and all this time i thought there were other countries on the planet, when all the time it is only us, so its only fair that we pay ALL the money to save the world..

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  • steve of melbourne Posted at 1:00 AM May 30, 2011

    I want my sons and daughter to have a job gillard. rubbish report based on lies paid for with our taxes. election now and see how much support you have to raise our cost of living. Thank god abbott will roll back your rotten tax. Go talk to children because they will be the only ones you can convince and scare with your lies. what a disgrace to scare children.

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  • Fair deal plz Posted at 1:16 AM May 30, 2011

    The fact that the PM lied to us, how about you call an election to clear your name?

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  • John Dayley of Melbourne Posted at 1:21 AM May 30, 2011

    So, Ms. Gillard, how much benefit will this have on a world scale? What are the actual, empirical benefits of our particular scheme? I’m willing to pay this tax, if i know it will effectively reduce global warming. On a world scale, how much will it reduce emissions? Also, Ms. Gillard, how much will I pay extra? You say half the money raised will be put back to the taxpayer. Does this mean half the people will have their increases subsidised? Or does everyone have half their increases subsidised? Our family is earning about the average income, and I certainly couldn’t afford to pay it. When will we get answers to these questions?

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  • ‘Charlie’ of Berwick Posted at 3:57 AM May 30, 2011

    Gillard and the traveling circus band don’t get it. We understand Climate Change BUT we don’t want an incompetent, misguided, power hungary out of control Labor Government to control it. Bring on an Federal Election – will save the Australian people…

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  • Louis of Cranbourne Posted at 5:38 AM May 30, 2011

    Santa Claus and the Boogy Man are real too…. Election Please…..

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  • David Posted at 6:18 AM May 30, 2011

    Prime Minister (and I only use that term out of respect for the Office) – you are a confirmed liar and I do not accept any of your propaganda to firther your agenda. But, answer me one question – by how much will this carbon tax reduce the temperature of the Earth?

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9 Responses to The Australian Public Responds Positively To Julia’s Article

  1. Latitude says:

    Who would have pegged Gillard as the great uniter…………….

  2. D. King says:

    Love that picture Steve, as she points not to the past, but toward the Führerture.

  3. Andy Weiss says:

    Why should Australians volunteer to be sacrificial lambs, when their contribution to (non existent) warming is so tiny?

  4. Tourist in Chief says:

    So, do we have some Aussies here? What’s the deal with this cultist? She lies to get elected, then springs the doomsday tax on you? Who is pulling the strings on these puppets?

  5. Dave N says:

    So they binned my comment about the difference between our proposed reductions (160 million tonnes by 2020) and last years global growth (1600 million tonnes).

    Now I wish I had taken a screen grab.

  6. Al Gored says:

    Gillard’s ‘letter’ begins:

    “LAST Monday, I received a report from the Climate Commission confirming again that climate change is real.”

    LOL. It has always been real. More Orwellian mushspeak, as usual.

    ‘Australian Revolution’ sounds nice.

  7. Dave N says:

    I’ll bet she is sent a lot of mail that says CAGW is crap.. but then she either never receives them because her lackeys bin them, or she totally ignores them.

    My impression of Gillard: [fingers in ears] “lalalalalalalala….”

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