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Another 1927 Fraud Film Designed To Make It Look Like There Was A Massive Flood In Vermont

Below 350 ppm, these types of catastrophic events simply couldn’t have happened. Certainly not two record floods in the same year in the US.

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1927 Big Tobacco Propaganda Film Designed To Make It Look Like The Mississippi River Flooded

The world’s top rated scientists tell us that the weather was safe below 350 ppm, so we know that this flood never really happened. This video is clearly the work of racist big Oil/Tobacco.

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1923 Shock News : Glaciers Melting In The Alps

HEAT WAVE IN ITALY. GLACIERS MELTING EIGHT PEOPLE KILLED BY LIGHT- NING. ROME, August 11. The most intense heat wave that has been experienced for a long time is pass- ing over the country. The Alpine gla- ciers are melting … Continue reading

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Secret Climate Code

This proprietary code was delivered to me by a super-secret spy operative at a famous climate research institution. Do not pass it on. while (true) { makeRidiculousForecast(sea_level, temperature, hurricanes, other_extreme_weather, general_bs); collectFunding(); after_prediction_fails_a_few_years_later : switch (scenario) { case alternate: sayThatTheStateOfScienceHasImprovedAndForecastsAreMoreAccurateNow(); … Continue reading

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All Good Weather Events Are Affected By Global Warming

Today is a beautiful day in Colorado, but my climate model tells me that without climate change – a massive tornado would have swept through Denver killing hundreds of millions of people. As Trenberth says, “global warming is unequivocal.” It … Continue reading

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Hansen Was Right!


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Even Their Most Desperate Dirty Tricks Aren’t Working Any More


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CO2 Makes Trees Fall On Cars


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mein name ist maximus decimus meridius

Somehow it loses it’s impact …..

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GISS Vs. Satellites In Paraguay

GISS April, 2011 found a very hot spot over Paraguay, which satellites didn’t show. The anomaly map below uses a baseline of 1981-2010 http://data.giss.nasa.gov/ The UAH (and RSS) maps didn’t find this hot spot. http://nsstc.uah.edu/climate/2011/april/APRIL%202011.png Nor did weather underground. GISS … Continue reading

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