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Why Is The Climate In Hawaii So Awful?

There is simply too much heat in the system. Nights never cool down enough to allow the system to re-equilibrate at a lower energy state. Winnipeg on the other hand has much less energy in their climate system, which is … Continue reading

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Bring It On!

Auden Schendler claims to have a foolproof way to win arguments with skeptics. His ski area is open this weekend due to record snowpack, while he worries about global warming. here’s one way fool-proof way to approach the climate science conversation. … Continue reading

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Palin Gets Top Honors On Global Warming

If anyone has a clean record on climate change in the potential GOP field, it’s former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. While Palin set up a sub-Cabinet office to map out the state’s response to global … Continue reading

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My Wembley Scenarios

Scenario A- Barcelona scores more goals than Manchester United and wins. Scenario B- Manchester United scores more goals than Barcelona and wins. Scenario C- Something else happens. These are not predictions, but I promise I will take credit for having … Continue reading

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Meltdown In Tasiilaq!

http://translate.google.com/ Ole Heinrich from Greenland sent this over. Now we know what Hillary was talking about!

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I am not fond of conspiracy theories, but if I were inclined to latch on to one it would be the way we raise industrial meat. We have been pumping children for three generations full of estrogen added milk and … Continue reading

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My Theory About Obama

I don’t think that he knows or cares anything about the US or running the US. His goal seems to be to keep attention focused continually on himself. Even while they played God Save The Queen at Buckingham Palace. He … Continue reading

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Reagan Stopped The Biggest Environmental Disaster In History

When Carter was President, he declared the “Moral Equivalent of War” MEOW against OPEC, and started throwing massive resources into developing oil shale on the western slope. I was working for him on that project. Everyone working on it knew … Continue reading

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Hansen Sunbathing In Greenland

Monica Hansen http://www.celebrity-pictures.ca/viewpicture/?id=161962

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Mondale Did Manage To Win His Home State


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