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“Met Office teams up with t-shirt¬†manufacturer”

The Met Office has teamed up with Rapanui, an eco-fashion company, to create a range of weather related T-shirts just in time for summer. The Met Office eco clothing collection is made from organic cotton in an ethical, wind powered … Continue reading

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MSM Makes A Shocking Discovery : “we’ve had weather for a long time”

Tornadoes and Global Warming MAY 3 2011, 2:41 PM ET270 Were the tragic deaths in Alabama linked to climate change? ¬†CoyoteBlog makes a pretty convincing case that no, they aren’t–and that in fact, tornadoes, which are caused by masses of … Continue reading

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Global Warming Raises Vermont Lake Back to 288 PPM Levels

In 1869, CO2 was 288 ppm. (Reuters) – Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin declared a state of emergency on Thursday, as Lake Champlain was forecast to crest at record levels by the weekend, officials said. The lake has been above record … Continue reading

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Early Spring : Global Warming Takes Aim On The US


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Shockingly Low Water Levels In The Colorado River

http://lakepowell.water-data.com/LP_Rivers.php It has been too cold for the snow to melt. When it does start melting, the 150% of normal snowpack is going to cause some flooding.

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Obama’s Scenario A

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Lies, Damned Lies, And Government Statistics

The dumbing down of the American school system was probably intentional. Economy adds jobs for a third straight month Higher oil prices and fears about a slowdown in the recovery fail to deter employers, who add 244,000 new jobs to … Continue reading

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Stop Talking In “Code”

by Chuck Larlham Member since: January 19, 2009 Global Warming 5-04: Climate Scientists Told: ‘Stop Speaking in Code!’ May 05, 2011 03:00 AM EDT Climate Scientists heard at the Copenhagen Arctic warming conference that it is their fault officials from … Continue reading

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The Place No One Knew

http://www.artnet.com/ Prior to the filling of Lake Powell, Glen Canyon was considered by some to be the most beautiful section of the Grand Canyon system. Photographer Eliot Porter published a nice photo essay of the canyon before it was flooded. … Continue reading

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I Made Money In Vegas!

“I didn’t lose as much as I expected to, so that means I made money.” – anonymous global warming researcher

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