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MIT : No Correlation, So We Will Use Weasel Words To Make It Sound LikeThere Is

Record Tornado Season Caused by Climate Change? Unfortunately, no one knows. KEVIN BULLIS 05/25/2011 Tornadoes have killed more people this year than they have since 1953. This has some wondering whether higher global temperatures might be contributing. The answer: there … Continue reading

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Burning Both Ends Of The Candle

For the past few months, most of the cold air in the Arctic has been centered over Greenland. This means that it is not over Siberia. Sometimes it is the other way around. This is the normal condition for the … Continue reading

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Too Much Medical Marijuana In Boulder

To those of us living in Boulder and surrounding communities, it may come as a surprise that many people remain unconvinced that the use of fossil fuels is the main contributor to current climate change An example of what happens … Continue reading

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Trenberth – Half Of The Non-Existent Increase In Gulf SSTs Is Due To Humans

The SSTs in the Gulf have been running perhaps 2 deg F above pre 1970 values. Warm waters also extend across the tropical Atlantic north of the equator in the region favored for hurricanes, and hence the recent NOAA forecast … Continue reading

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Pick Your Meltdown

The “world’s top rated climatologist” – James Hansen warns that continued use of coal will completely eliminate the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. Be afraid – be very afraid ….. http://www.wunderground.com/ http://www.wunderground.com/

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