Fox News Drinks The Kool-Aid

2011 has been a bad year, but definitely not the worst

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  1. Wayne Ward (truthsword) says:

    I guess the point of thr articel, headline not withstanding, was that the single Joplin tornado was the deadliest since 1947. Seems a large way from the actual statement of the headline.

    • Mike Davis says:

      They are claiming this year has passed all others in recorded tornado deaths. Using 1950 as the start date issued by NOAA.
      Your 1947 event is not covered by the so called historical records of NOAA. The US became a country in 1950 or NOAA became a leading promoter of the Chicken Little agenda.

  2. Latitude says:

    I posted this over at WUTH to Ryan, you guys rip it up for me….

    I honestly do not see what sort of statistics anyone can get from either hurricanes or tornadoes.
    The way they are counted has changed, so you can’t compare pre 1960′s/70′s.
    You can’t compare deaths or damage. That’s just the luck of the draw, or not.

    We get around 1000/1500 tornadoes a year, depending on who’s counting.
    Do they all hit corn or wheat fields, or all hit downtown Atlanta?
    That’s just the luck of the draw……

    Same with hurricanes. We know have the equipment to find and name storms, if even for a few minutes, that would have never been named before. And where they decide to land, makes all the difference. As bad as hurricane Andrew was, if it had hit downtown Miami, it would be a whole different ball game. If it had passed over the Keys, another different ball game.

    So, how do you compare today’s numbers with past numbers? You can’t, and there goes the claims that they are increasing or decreasing.
    How do you compare deaths and damage? You can’t, it’s just the luck of the draw.

  3. Andy Weiss says:

    What is so GD important about the year 1950? The only thing in reality is that most tornado disasters took place before 1950. Now they are not only “hiding the decline”, they are trying to hide past tornado disasters.

  4. Jimash says:

    It’s “Hide the Twister” the new game from the same people who brought you,
    “Hide the decline” and ” Tree ring toss”.

  5. Andy Weiss says:

    Looking at the tornado graph, what jumps out is how few tornado fatalities there have been since 1974. A big spike in tornado fatalites was long overdue.

    The Weather Service has been beating their chest, taking credit for preventing tornado fatalities. Now there are so many “cry wolf” warnings that hardly anybody pays attention to them anymore.

  6. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    I wish there was a real news outlet.

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